Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things my husband said over the weekend

B - Don’t make that face. You look like Brittany Spears.


B - What’s happening (watching his favorite show “Desperate Housewives”)
J - I don’t feel like telling you what happened in the last 45 minutes.
B - Why not?
J - Because the show is still on.
B - Tell me during a commercial.
J - No thanks.
B - Why not?
J - If its so important to you, you should just watch it.
B - But I want you to tell me.
J - ~silence~
B - It must not be funny because I haven’t heard you laughing.
J - Its not funny. Its serious.
B - Oh.
J - But I saw part of The Office and that was funny.
B - Yeah?
J - Yeah. I laughed out loud.
B - Which one was it?
J - ~sigh~


B - I am throwing away your clock full of kittens!
J - But every minute is more fun with a clock full of kittens!
B - No.


J - I’m going to order a drink at the restaurant.
B - ~silence~
J - A martini.
B - No.
J - A cosmo.
B - No.
J - A gin and tonic.
B - No.
J - Sex on the beach. I’m going to order sex on the beach.
B - You do that and I’ll leave. Without you.
J - That settles it. I’ll have sex on the beach.
B - Please be quiet.


B - If you stand there your butt will get wet.


B - It looks like you dropped something when you got out of the car.
J - Oh. What is it?
B - Don’t know. Go look.
J - Its an empty condom box.
B - Nevermind then.
J - Did you drop it. Because I didn’t.
B - No. Nevermind.
J - I could pick it up, if you want.
B - No.
J - Are you sure?
B - Get in the car.


Also, the guy in front of us in church Sunday night turned around and said, “If you sit behind me you have to behave yourselves!” Brian’s response was, “No. We’re rowdy.”


tapango1 said...
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tapango1 said...

why did you have a empty condom box in the car? lol Thank God those days are behind me...i just couldn't any longer put a price on each event...40 condoms in a box(sams club) at 10 dollars thats 25 cents a thrill....cheap thrill some may say,lol

for future drink orderings i highly recommend a rum runner...a couple of those and you won't care what "b" says,lol

and on the tv situation...nick(my hubby) had the nerve to ask me about a story line on greys anatomy...i looked at him and said i am on season 3 disc 4 are you kidding me? that was the end of that convo!

Miz Jean said...

Yeah, see, that's the best part. The box was not ours. :)

Thanks for the drink recommendation!!

Dale Deur said...

The TV thing? I'm with you. If you want to know what the line is on a story, take the time to be there from the beginning.