Monday, April 21, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner!

Oh we had such fun on Saturday night when we attended a murder mystery dinner at Brian and Krista’s house!

Half the fun was playing dress up - we scrambled around to find our best 1950's outfits.

Here’s me (my hair took two hours...ugh):

Here’s Brian (who incidentally looks pretty stinkin’ hot in his “costume”):

And here we are together (note - I played the nerdy smartypants and he played a rockstar manager. I know.):

So we all sat down for dinner:

Our hosts, Brian and Krista:

Meet the characters!

Here we have Del and E.C.:

And Rick and Dee:

And Cal and Penny:

We spent lots of time reading about our characters and a few tidbits of information about the other characters:

I played the part of Pris and this was my book:

Brian played the part of Joe. Doesn’t he look good?! Such a cute husband I have:

Here’s E.C. with a deadly weapon. I think it was E.C. in the Library with a Spoon:

E.C. has been caught red-handed:

I look suspiciously guilty. Joe looks pretty studious...and still cute:

The accusations flew. The conspiracy theories ran rampant. Fingers were pointed. Voices were raised. And then, the truth came out.

It was Cal. He doesn’t look at all like a criminal. Not. At. All.

(I should probably tell you that’s a candy cigarette...since he’s our pastor, I really wouldn’t want him to suffer too much for this incriminating evidence!)

Such fun!!!


Krista said...

Great play by play of the evening!

tapango1 said...

i agree jean,great play by play....

we did one a few years back with some others from our sunday school..... a 70's one...and boy was it sexual,lol we were all very surprised at the naughtiness that went on in the play....

this inspires me to go buy one and have a dinner party...thanks!!