Saturday, April 19, 2008

100 Things Worth Doing (51-75)

51. My care package at college from my Dad
52. Playing the evil stepmother in Cinderella - our high school musical
53. My old boss imitating a drunken client...and then falling over backwards in his chair
54. One of my coworkers trying to move a completely full 4-drawer filing cabinet
55. Seeing Collin
56. Scott with 32 grapes in his mouth
57. Running three miles one day in track practice without stopping to walk
58. Amy getting crowned as homecoming queen
59. Sitting upstairs in the dark, looking out the window, watching fireworks go off in town
60. First ride on a jet ski
61. Shaking the birdseed out of my hair and veil
62. Crying at Bible Study
63. Seeing my face on the poster for choir tour
64. Going out for drinks in Canada
65. Flying over the ocean in a private jet, Brian smiling at me from the cockpit
66. Reagan splashing in the bathtub
67. Buying a sweatshirt and paying for it with 32 one-dollar bills
68. Reagan waving at me through the window
69. Chaim Potok personally signing my Mom’s favorite book
70. “Are you with the band?” “Yes, I am.”
71. Donating my hair to Locks of Love.
72. Being physically assaulted by a circus clown.
73. Buying size zero shorts at Abercrombie & Fitch...so long ago
74. Bowling in sneakers and landing flat on my face
75. Brian "waking up" and having delirious conversations with me about shipping routes

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JCMF said...

I want to know more about #65! Does Brian fly? That sounds really fun.