Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cute-ometer: broken

And now, some notes on breakfast.

Reagan gets one bowl of cereal every morning. In order to keep her interested, we usually give her a combination of 3 different cereals. Fruit Loops are her favorite. Most days she eats it all. Sometimes she "finishes it up" an hour or two later.

When she manages to eat it in her highchair, she often dumps the contents of her creal bowl onto her tray. And then grabs the cereal by the handful and places it carefully back in the bowl. Over and over and over again. Occassionally, a piece even goes in her mouth. This particular morning, a placemat was required for her to cooperate on any level whatsoever.

Here you can see she is working diligently

At separating the Cookie Crisp from the remaining Fruit Loops. I have NO idea where she gets this.

Then there's yesterday. Once again, she was finishing up her cereal at a later hour, when I see her carry an empty bowl over to the dining area. She carefully and intentionally placed it precisely on the floor, looked at it to make sure it was going to stay, and walked back into the kitchen. I, being not at all sure she had actually eaten all of the cereal that was in said bowl, went into the kitchen to ascertain just which appliance she had brushed it under...and found this.

Note: not all things are this neat and tidy for her.

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