Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Thaw

first glimpse of ray of sun
more than just a cloudy glow
piercing through the fog
starting to warm the surface

small tears falling from icicles
puddles forming around the frozen ground
winter’s fingerprints left here and there
a warmer wind beginning to blow

heaping piles of snow
reminders of the cover
the way it suffocated, but didn’t kill
the way it made all things fall asleep
for a time

the surface peeking through
asking if its okay to reach again
wondering if the sun will keep shining
believing the in the warmth of the day

muddy for a while
soft ground everywhere
deep imprints all around
burdens it must bear

calling out to me
beckoning with a still small voice
whispering to my frozen form
holding me close to feel your warmth

feeling you near me
holding me where I have fallen
when the wounds stop aching
you’ll lift me up

but for now we sit with quiet
waiting for the peace
as the world stops spinning
I remember who I am

Never dead
Never gone
Never lost

But here.
where you’ve followed
where you’ve stayed
where you will always be

With me.

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