Thursday, January 10, 2008


Its been several days since I have written anything. I’ve started at least 3 pieces and then threw them into storage or deleted them entirely. They don’t flow. They make no sense. They have no conflict and no resolution. There’s no story.

Brick. Wall.

If I’m going to brutally honest with you, I should admit that I feel like an exposed nerve right now. Nothing is necessarily “wrong” in my world, but I’m on edge.

I’ve had one person recently insult my daughter. I’ve had another person recently insult me. I’d like to believe that I have these really fabulous boundaries and their words didn’t phase me. But truth be told, I’ve been dwelling on each time and time again. I’ve been looking into their phrases, their tones, their motives. Isn’t it funny how it meant nothing to the people who said it, but how its fouled up my whole week? Okay, not so funny maybe.

If I write something now, something more than this, I just might write some stuff that I really don’t mean and really don’t want the world to know about. So I need some time to be quiet - a few more days at least.

I’ve been considering how I should respond. And I just haven’t figured it out. Until I do, my mind is going to be occupied with over-analyzing some supposedly-innocent remarks.

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