Thursday, November 08, 2007

All those little things about me that you probably didn't want to know

I keep a package of Sweet N Low on my desk at all times. Just in case something needs emergent sweetening.

I worry every single day that I forgot to shut off my curling iron. I blame this neurosis on myself. In jr. high I was less than responsible and I would leave my curling on nearly all day. What's worse, I would leave it hanging in a drawer. One day, I discovered my behavior had possible negative consequences when I found a t-shirt badly singed and blackened from my stupidity. Ever since I've been paranoid.

I miss the social environment of college at least twice a week, if not more.

I have an odd fascination with construction. I love watching This Old House on Saturday afternoons.

I have a t-shirt that says "Rockstar" in bright blue glitter and I am too chicken to wear it...anywhere. Wrong on so many levels.

I would give anything to have a professional fashion consultant buy me the RIGHT pair of jeans! Augh!

I think I am hilarious and find it disturbing when no one else ~coughHubbycough~ finds amusement in my antics.

I secretly entertain thoughts of running a marathon. This would probably require me to run like more than once every 3 years. At least farther than distance from PointA (Mommy) to PointB (Reagan at the top of the stairs).

I love to make invitations and cards. And it saddens me when I think that people most likely just throw them away after a while. And yet, I would do the same if I were them.

I think it would be really neat to email my Christmas newsletter this year rather than waste ink, paper and postage on printing it 100 times over. But there are some who would not appreciate such a gesture.

I feel lonely when I check my email and there is only junk mail.

I LOVE to get comments on my blog. Laura, you rock! The rest of you should feel free to join her.

I like to dance with Reagan at least once a day. She, apparently, loves it as well.

I read letters, newspapers, books, magazines, and all kinds of material almost solely and exclusively to find typos. And then when I find one I point it out to Hubby and he says "Huh."

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Laura said...

I love to know all those quirky things, it's very entertaining! And I especially agree with this statement, "I miss the social environment of college at least twice a week, if not more." because I too, have these thoughts. Especially when I check people's blogs and facebook (which you should get, by the way)... and yes, sometimes, I rock. :)