Friday, November 09, 2007


This evening is the "band" "gig". I have several thoughts on this "gig".

First of all, my band. They amaze me. We have two guitarists (electric/acoustic and bass), drummer, pianist and two vocalists. I am continually inspired and encouraged by these people who show up prepared and with good attitudes. They have blessed me so much. I can honestly say there isn't a single member partaking in tonight's activities that isn't completely and totally important. And yet, no one person makes a greater contribution than the others. They all work together and offer their gifts to make one fantastic offering and I am just humbled by their hearts for worship. Awesome.

Secondly, the preparation. This is a "gig" I was pretty much in charge of lining up. I was also put in charge of the program - picking out what we would do and when and in what order. And I must say, I am so genuinely thrilled with the outcome. I do not say that out of pride. I really feel that God has sent us all of these songs and it was His will that they be played in a certain order, etc. I get chills when I read through worship services and this one is absolutely no different. I am anxious to see if others find it as powerful as I do.

Thirdly, the nervous anticipation. I rarely feel totally prepared and somehow I think I never would. We have had three practices and all of them went extremely well. I wonder if my brain mis-categorizes this butterfly feeling as nervousness when really I'm just excited.

And lastly, the prayers. My prayer when I lead worship is always the same - that I just fade away into the background and people come face to face with Jesus. My prayer for tonight is for the instruments, the band members, the people at the event, and those running the lights, sound and projection. I pray that they are all blessed as they lead. But more than anything, I pray that God's presence will fill the place and there will be no doubt that He is most definitely still listening to His children.


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maybe you should see if that awesome guitarist of yours can record some stuff with the band, like your favorite worship songs(maybe 8 10)and then you can have a record and not feel so bad about calling it band.

Laura said...

Hope it all went great!! And look - you're getting more responses on your blog than ever before! :)