Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New habits...in training

Reagan and I have gone on a lot of walks lately. A. Lot. I don't know precisely what sparked this new every-single-day trend, but we've just really enjoyed getting out and about. We almost always walk the Martha route, but occassionally I will deviate from the path and we'll cruise down other sidewalks.

I'll admit, I default to the walk when she starts getting fussy and it isn't because she is tired or hungry. After watching her throw a fit because I actually ~gasp~ set her down I generally scoop her up, zip her into her jacket, and off we go. And she never complains. She sits there and bounces and jitters around. She seems completely content to sit there and watch the world pass her by. I don't mind the exercise.

Afterward, she is often very refreshed and much more pleasant. So that makes me wonder if she likes walks because she just gets BORED staying indoors all day. I keep telling her to watch Oprah because its fascinating, but she doesn't always agree.

Anyway...we have now walked every day for a solid week. All that has me thinking my pants really should be fitting better any day now. I am also really oh-so-ready for fall. I have sweaters and jeans and socks that are just BEGGING to be worn. Maybe by the time the weather calls for them, they'll all be too big.

Yeah right...

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