Monday, October 01, 2007

Good sleep cures all

Saturday morning I had praise team practice. We were going to have a full band service on Sunday morning so I knew I needed to really prepare and that we all needed to get to the point where it "worked". After two hours of practice, we decided we were at a good point and would meet again Sunday morning to warm up and rework a few things.

When I got home, Hubby and PetePete and I packed ourselves into the car and journeyed up to Ames to visit Tom and Angie. We got there nearly 30 minutes early (oops) and interrupted Tom's homework. I offered that Reagan could eat it for him since they don't have a dog - and believe me, she would eat it HAPPILY. Girl loves paper. But alas, he declined. So we got the grand tour of their apartment, one including the cat-butt magnets (splendid!). And then we headed out for an early supper. We went to Hickory Park and had a really good meal. Really good. That restaurant does things right! Great food, great prices, great atmosphere. Reagan told me she especially loved all their ceiling fans.

Sunday morning was an early one for me. I'm not accustomed to going to church at 8AM, but I made it. We rehearsed and I could NOT shake this nervous feeling I had. I was so worried about what other people would think. I was constantly reminding myself that it doesn't matter what other people think. And while I completely agree with that little voice in my head, the other voice, the one that is worship chair and the one who answers to the congregation for the services was deeply concerned that many would find the intense electric guitars and drums to be...well...not appropriate (as some would say). So there I sat my doubt waging war with the heart of worship. The service went very well and I just felt a great sense, once again, of God taking over. Part of me says the people who would complain about it obviously missed the point - worship isn't about us. But the other part of me is so afraid to offend anyone. Sigh. That's the battle I am constantly fighting within myself. Anyway...the service went fine and I believe many thought it was a beautiful God-glorifying time of worship.

Sunday afternoon Reagan took a glorious 3.5 hour nap. Wonderful. She woke up and we all went for a walk. When we got home we started to get ready for church. And then the storms started popping up so we decided it would be better to ride out tornado warnings in our own basement than at church. Which is precisely what we did. As an interesting side note, Reagan LOVES the basement. For nearly an hour she played with my guitar case. Honestly, we aren't buying any more toys for her. (Mom, I'm kidding.)

After all that I really wasn't expecting a good night. Reagan hasn't been sleeping really soundly for a while and she often would wake up coughing. But at 7:45, I put her in her crib and she sacked out immediately. Here's the cool part - she slept till 7AM this morning - never once making a peep. She woke up smiling. She ate breakfast beautifully. She played pleasantly until it was time to go. So I get to work and my boss is really crabby. And all I have to say is "heh". Life is too short to get worked up by other angry people!

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