Monday, October 08, 2007

The first step is a doozy

We had a nice Sunday lunch at Mark and Sandi's house. On our way there, we drove through the post-tornado path. It was really quite surreal to see a house sitting beside the road, missing walls and roof, looking much like a little girl's dollhouse. I can only imagine how traumatic and overwelming it must be to be the living victim of a tornado.

After lunch we gathered in the living room and talked for a while. We discussed work things, church things, Christmas plans, Thanksgiving plans. And while we are covering all this important information, Reagan decided to do something most distracting (to Hubby and I anyway). She stood up in the middle of the room, completely unassisted. We sat and stared at her as the conversation flowed around us. We were utterly astonished. There she stood for several seconds. She even took a few tiny steps before depositing herself back on her bottom.

There's something amazing about tiny people learning how to walk. She takes such time to find her balance. And as soon as she finds it, it seems her little legs will wobble a bit and she has to find it all over again. Her little toes curl a bit as though she is grabbing the carpet and willing herself to "hang on" somehow. How different the world must look from up there. Its almost as though she doesn't even know she is doing it and all of a sudden she realizes that the floor is all the way down there and no one is actually holding her up, and she lowers herself to the floor to relax.

Its funny how we learned how to walk so long ago and now its so simple. Its so simple we completely forget how hard it was to learn way back when.

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