Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I wore a SWEATER today!

I am so unbelievably pleased with the weather!

See, I am not a fan of summer. I do not like warm temperatures. I hate wearing shorts. I don't swim. I detest going on a walk and coming home drenched in my sweat. Sunshine is overrated for those of us who burn bright tomato red at the mere mention of the stuff. It just isn't my time of year.

But the fall, oh the fall, now that is the season of heaven!

Fall happens to contain all of my most favorite colors. I happen to enjoy seeing raging splashes of red, orange, yellow and even bright fuchsia slopped on trees - as if God's paintbrush dripped a little here and there as he was going about creating a beautiful sunset. Glorious. Who needs artwork when you can just look out a window and see this stuff!?

People bake wonderful things in the fall. I'm not so much a fan of pumpkin pie - okay, I can barely choke it down - and we all know how those pumpkin bars turned out. Yikes. But really, cookies, bars, cakes, breads, soups (glorious soups) appear anywhere and everywhere. Fantastic! Even better, out come the warm beverages. Would you like a cup of hot apple cider? Um, does my child scream uncontrollably? YES!

Of course there is the clothing. I love me a good sweater. Hubby hates sweaters and will only occasionally (on the coldest day EVER) wear the very thinnest/lightest sweater I was ever able to find. And I'm a sucker for a good pair of jeans. Last, but not least is my complete and utter obsession with warm socks. My Dad and I repeatedly indulge the other's obsession with warm socks at Christmas. I just feel so much better about myself if I am covered in layers and completely able to control my body temperature. Too warm? Peel off something...appropriate.

Last year, I think I was a little less enamored with fall as I was so busy baking a bun in a much different oven. One which was a bit overdone (fine, whatever, she was perfect) but one that took all of my attention, strength, energy, and well, patience. I was so focused on said Bun that I wasn't truly able to enjoy the long walks, marathon baking sessions, or pretty sweaters in my closet.

But this year is a different story. The little Bun has become quite the kid. So hard to imagine that last year she wasn't even "here" (depending on whom you asked). But now she very definitely is HERE and should you forget, she will remind you very shortly with one of her all-important-glass-shattering proclamations of existence.

We are going to LIVE IT UP this year - all 3 of us! We will bundle up in our warmest sweaters and jeans and socks, cruise the streets and crunch through all the deliciously toasted leaves as we admire the different colors soaring above us and under us. When we get home, we'll snack on some homemade bread and hot apple cider. We are going to do our best to soak up all the goodness of fall.

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Laura Kleinheksel said...

Oh Jean, can I please come visit and be cozy in your home with you & drink apple cider & eat your delicious homemade breads? You're making me homesick for it! :) I wholeheartedly agree with the love of sweaters, warm clothing in general, fall foods, the anticipation of the holidays..!!! Except that I dislike cold weather. ha. ENJOY YOUR FALL!! :)