Friday, October 05, 2007

Bread Class #3 - Honey Wheat

Ahhh...the smell of fresh bread. Nothing in the world like it. Every two weeks or so my house smells super good. This week at bread class we made Honey Wheat Bread. It was delicious! I am almost afraid to think about how good this bread is for me compared to the stuff I buy in the store, so I'll just not think about that and let you know that Honey Wheat Bread is delicious - not to mention easy.

These bread classes get more interesting to me all the time. I am HORRIBLE with names. HORRIBLE! But these ladies in my class are apparently not horrible with names as they always seem to know mine. I feel like giving them a gold star every time I hear it. And then I'm too embarassed as I realize I have no idea (none whatsoever) who is speaking to me. But despite my lack of "Yes Karen" or "Do you need the flour Joyce?" I am developing some nifty little relationships. Sure, they're just surface relationships, but these ladies really are sweet and I feel pretty comfortable with all of them.

At our coffee time we sampled our next class project - rye bread. I have to admit, this one is not my favorite. Its got a pretty strong flavor and I'm just not sure I'll be exploring the page its printed on in my recipe book too often. But its not bad so I don't mind adding another little item to my bread repetoire.

And this weekend, the folks at the farm will be treated to a loaf of Honey Wheat. I think I'm becoming the bread fairy. Is this a good thing?

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