Monday, August 27, 2007

Those Angry Negative People

I recently "had issues with" a certain business which will remain nameless. After multiple phone calls and some work from Mr. Bossman, I thought the matter had been cleared up. We had chalked up the whole unpleasant experience to lessons learned. And moved on. Or so I thought. This weekend I got a really angry letter from said business. My coworkers were absolutely shocked when they read the letter. Hubby was disgruntled to say the least.

Now, you should know, this letter said nothing of resolution. It merely attacked me, Mr. Bossman, and my handling of the situation for no apparent reason. It was clear, the guy on the other end of the line was not willing or able to let the issue go. He really had to yell at me one last time - and he was too chicken to do it by phone.

I work for two attorneys. We see no shortage of angry people, angry letters, angry phone calls. Its the nature of our job. Its what happens. Its unfortunately the way so many people choose to communicate.

And it annoys me a little bit. Sometimes more than a little bit. I have been very very careful in my dealings with this business to remain calm, professional and courteous. I was never rude. My attorney was never rude. And yet, we were both accused of such behavior. That irritates me. But not too much. No, I'm not going to succumb to his ploy.

So what to do. Do I send a response? No. That's what the angry guy wants. He wants to know he made me upset. He wants to get a nasty letter back. He wants to get a sappy tearful apology when I really truly believe I did nothing wrong. This morning, I faxed a copy of his very unfortunate and clearly angry letter to the corporate headquarters. I doubt very much there is a business in this country that would condone the way this man "spoke" to me in this letter. I'm not out to get him fired. But I REALLY TRULY do not believe in lying down and being mistreated. You remember the Sears debacle! At any rate, I sent off my fax this morning and have now banished this whole terrible mess to the past.

Goodbye unpleasant man, unpleasant experience, unpleasant establishment. I sincerely hope you do not torment any of your other unfortunate customers as you have mistreated me. May you learn a valuable lesson down the road. As valuable as the one I learned. The one which means I will never ever use your services again.

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