Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I would not claim to be the most observant parent. While certainly attentive and interested in Reagan's development and behavior, I don't crawl around on the floor with her all day long. She'd probably like that - though more because pulling Mommy's hair is her favorite past time. But I really think its good for her that to some extent I teach her how to play by herself. I keep a watchful eye and she scoots about and there are several things I am noticing about little PetePete.

She's fascinated with photos. Loves them. We have pictures of our families on the refrigerator in the kitchen and Reagan immediately reaches for them and smiles. The little corners of her eyes crinkle and you can see all three of her bottom teeth. Were I to allow her to get her hands on said photos, she would most definitely explore the possibility that her family tastes as good as it looks.

She's fascinated with whatever we are eating. Reagan is fed first. Reagan eats until she can eat no more. Or so we think. So minutes after her meal we sit down to have ours. You can bet within seconds she is crawling to the table, looking at us quizzically. Soon, we feel tiny little hands grasping at our pants or legs only to be greeted by a small face, staring up at us with puppy dog eyes. And just in case we don't get the hint, she reaches for whatever food is on our fork, our plate, etc.

And so it is with what seems to be hundreds of things throughout the day. So many things are completely amazing to her. Windows (especially window screens!). The one flawed ceramic tile on the kitchen floor. Her rubber duck. The entertainment center. The knobs on the kitchen cabinets and drawers. The bathroom. The stairs (yeah, not good). Words on your t-shirt. Toes that wiggle.

Its fun to watch her as she discovers something new about her world. And part of me feels so exhausted for her. I mean really, I'd be tired if I didn't take so much of life for granted I think. But I'm glad someone is experiencing all of it safely and with some joy and wonder. Every once in a while she finds something that I think is pretty amazing too, I share in her awe, and we laugh together.

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