Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain + rain = happiness

Yesterday, yesterday. Was a really nice day. Now those of you who live anywhere within 500 miles of me may disagree. But had you been at my house, you would have had a really nice day.

It rained all day. I always hate it when people exaggerate weather. Did it really rain ALL day? Really? Well, yes, here it did. It rained all day. Adding to our excitement were the endless tornado warnings issued for our nice little town. One after another. You know what makes you really desensitized to tornado warnings? An entire afternoon and evening or listening to sirens blaring outside your window, watching the infamous hook echo blip across the radar on your local weather news, and all this happening for hours on end. Pretty soon - you no longer care and your husband tells you to just go upstairs and get the meatloaf out of the oven already. At any rate...

My day started with a certain small PetePete (aka Reagan) waking up and talking to herself in bed. At the deemed hour (7:00 in case you’re wondering) I retrieved said jabbering PetePete from her crib - much to her delight. She had her 9-month check up at the doctor that morning wherein she proved her extreme intelligence and good naturedness as she untied our doctor’s shoe. After the shoe incident, we went to a good friend’s house and perused her garage sale items - I’m so posh I got a before-the-sale exclusive appointment. Rock on. I bought no less than 1/3 of her little girl stuff. So cute. So much cheaper than my trips to Des Moines. Here’s what I love about garage sales - if you have a friend who has really good taste, its like having a personal shopper. Wonderful! I know I have the cutest girl clothes for Reagan because well, she buys really cute girl clothes. Reagan will now officially be very well clad for the upcoming cold season.

When we got home, Reagan napped. I did small chores. Reagan got up and played very pleasantly - roaming around the house - often chasing me from room to room. Later Reagan took a really wonderful (extremely long) afternoon nap. Wherein I cleaned most of the house, made the aforementioned meatloaf and did lots of laundry. When Hubby arrived home, we were sitting in the basement watching the weather as the first of 85 tornado warnings went in place. The rest of the night was spent going about our normal household duties and watching Reagan and she quietly played wherever we went. It was just so plain nice.

We may be soggy, but we’re happy. It works.

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Anonymous said...

Jean, I just love you and your writings. What a happy rainy day! We have been having the same. I was at work (my old job) this week, so I was a little sad I couldn't bop around the house w/ Bennett on these rainy days too. We do what we can though, right? I seriously wish you'd write a book of short stories like this so I could have a copy for my "favorite books" shelf. Keep that in mind. :)