Tuesday, August 07, 2007


About two years ago I got a guitar. Its a pretty little thing. Pretty because it hasn't seen a lot of "use". Little because I can't handle anything bigger than what it is.

At first, I was all gung-ho about learning how to play. I would sit there and attempt to learn chords. Nothing ever sounded beautiful. And on occasion I would take it to one of my guitar playing friends and ask them to remind me how it COULD sound, if it were played by someone worth of its capabilities. And they would and it would sound glorious and I would get a slight twang (ha ha) of jealousy. It was MY guitar. Why couldn't I get it to sound like that!? Didn't it love ME? With eyes narrowed, I would take it home and resume my slow, painful strumming. Never played anything even remotely close to a song. So sad.

Of course, then the whole baby thing happened. Hubby swore my guitar playing days were over and eventually stopped asking me when he would hear me play it again. Of course, Reagan was no small fry so yeah, the baby tummy precluded any real attempts to pick it back up again. In my lap, there was room for only one occupant. I couldn't very well put her down and pick up the guitar so that was that - at least until she was born.

And as with all things post-baby, the guitar got a bit...neglected. Poor thing. I would look at it wistfully from time to time. But then I would look at my bed or the couch and decide sleep was oh-so-much-more important than torturing my housemates with my random chords. (Sleep wins lots of arguments, by the way.)

And then about a month ago, I decided enough was enough. I paid some good money for that lonely instrument. I had better start using it. I asked a friend for lessons and he agreed (though I've wondered several times if he regrets ever uttering the word "sure"). Last week I had my second lesson - wherein he taught me a song. This is the Day. Appropriate title, huh?

I am pleased, and profoundly proud, to announce that I did indeed play an entire song last night. Several times. Hubby could even (almost) sing along! It was...awesome! And we aren't just talking one flip across the strings - we're talking like strumming - up and down wrist flicks keeping in time with the music! And none of that makes any sense to anyone, but I'm telling you, it was cool.

But just so you know, we are still a long long ways from playing in front of large groups of people.

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