Sunday, August 12, 2007

A place for everything

So as some of you know, I have diagnosed myself with a mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I told my mom this once and she rolled her eyes and said I was being ridiculous. And then I told her why I thought so and she blinked at me and said "Oh. Maybe you are." I am. And here's proof.

My pantry: every shelf has an appropriated category. Some shelves even have specific rows.

Other kitchen pictures. If it isn't exactly like this, Hubby put it away in the wrong place. Yes, I will move it.

This is one example of what I did with my bathroom cabinet - ice cube trays make great organizers!

My closet - sweaters are piled by color.

Basement bathroom cabinet holds all our guest linens. The bed linens are stored in appropriately sized plastic zippered bags to keep them dust free.

My hall closet. Every box is covered in brown paper. Every box is clearly labeled (all in the same hand-written font).

Grocery bags are folded and stored for future use. Coat closet. Scrapbooking paper perfectly sorted by color. My laundry room shelf.


Mom said...

Attention to all who read Jean's blog. I assume no responsibility for this obsessive organization of hers. In fact, I would be horrified if anyone even looked in my messy cupboards. In fact, Jean herself was a very messy kid. I blame Brian for all of this extreme neatness, because it has come since she married him.

Tom said...

It's true about mom's cupboards - no organizational scheme whatsoever...