Monday, August 13, 2007


On Thursday evening, we handed Reagan over to her grandpa and grandma, and we drove away. Now, you might be asking yourself what two young people who find themselves free of a clingy 9 month old do on a night on the town. They go grocery shopping. Yes, we’re weird. That weird. But I had a marvelous time sauntering (ever so slowly) through the aisles.

Friday morning, we got ourselves up and at ‘em earlier than I thought was necessary and headed off to the State Fair. I have several thoughts on the State Fair. First, I can now officially say I’ve been there...and it will be years before I go back. But it was good. It was hot. I don’t drink beer, but I have never wanted the advertised "Ice Cold Beer" so bad in my LIFE! I did not have a beer. Instead we watched the fastest grocery bagger contest, some livestock judging, and some of the talent show (they picked the wrong finalists, by the way). We also took in some of the typical sights: butter cow, world’s biggest bores, an elk (indigenous to Iowa, no doubt), a very big bull, and all kinds of other stuff. We sampled a few tasty treats. Hubby had peach ice cream which was good, but not awesome. I had a deep fat fried snickers which was, unfortunately, very good. And we had a burger and fries for lunch which was not impressive. At about 3:30 we decided we had seen enough and needed some air conditioning. So with that we checked into our hotel and then went out to eat. After our meal, we went to a movie - something we haven’t done in years. Literally. Its been years. The Bourne Ultimatum is good, by the way.

Saturday we had a nice breakfast at the hotel and were off for a day of shopping. We shopped and shopped and shopped. I got some nice things for fall/winter. I’m disappointed that it is WAY too hot to actually wear any of them just yet. Phooey. Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for an early supper. It. Was. Heavenly. Oh my goodness. The food we had was great. The atmosphere wonderful. The service excellent. And then there was the cheesecake. White Chocolate Caramel Latte Cheesecake. It is indeed as fattening as it sounds. But oh so good. Afterwards, we drove our stuffed tummies over to pick up our little Reagan. By all accounts, her trip to grandma and grandpa’s house was really fun. And they taught her a new trick - she can pick up cheerios all by herself and put them in her mouth.

So we had a nice weekend. But yesterday Reagan developed a small fever. Now I am wondering if her ear infection has returned. She was pretty normal (non-feverish) this morning so we are operating as normal. She’s playing the day away at daycare and I’m sitting by my phone waiting for a phone call from our daycare provider saying the fever is back. Oh well. You will be happy to know that I am MUCH more relaxed about this fever thing this time around. No more panicky parents! I’ll probably take her to the clinic tomorrow just to see what’s going on. But not the ER this time! Progress is measured in one small non-flipping out moment at a time.

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