Sunday, June 05, 2016

Simple But Good

We got ourselves up and dressed and out the door this morning a little earlier than we are used to for a Sunday.  I was on praise team, which is nothing new.  But driving to the park and getting out our lawn chairs and picnic blanket isn’t “normal” for a Sunday morning.  This was our annual outdoor service and today we had a wonderful breakfast before the service began.  My kids played to their hearts content after the meal.  During the service they lounged on the picnic blanket where Reagan and Maddie colored and Hunter drove little cars and trucks. 

We headed home for a nice Sunday meal with steak, cheesy potatoes, carrots and fresh strawberries.  Then it was time for quiet time and I took a long nap.  Brian gave a few piano lessons and then we ate a light supper together.  Afterwards we headed out to the yard to play softball together. 

At some point I will hustle my littles into their pajamas, get their teeth all brushed up and their clothes for tomorrow laid out.  Then I will tuck their little selves into bed after reading our nightly chapter of Harry Potter.

There is nothing all that remarkable about today.  I’ve been searching for something interesting to say about it, but this laundry list of activities is all I come up with.

And yet, it’s so rich and good in its own simple way.  I must not lose sight of the wonderful way God has blessed my life.  When I consider the work of His hand in my life, my thanks knows no end. 

He is so very very good.  This day of rest has reminded me to see all the ways He shows His love and care for me.  

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