Saturday, November 05, 2011


Today we went shopping.

I found a fabulous winter coat that my husband bought me for Christmas.

I got several very good deals on sweaters.

Whilst shopping, several fellow shoppers actually complimented a sweater I had picked out.

I found a robe I had wanted on a clearance rack. Also a pair of exercise capris on clearance.

I bought Reagan a new Sunday winter coat for $15. That is ridiculous.

I didn't find the boots I wanted but I chose not to settle for something I didn't like and instead just walked away.

The exact dress I had been looking at online for Maddie was on sale in the store.

I bought coordinating outfits for our family so that we can get some family pictures taken. I also got Reagan a cute outfit for next to nothing for her 5 year pictures.

We nabbed some great deals on some really cool toys at Toys R Us.

We bought all of Reagan's birthday gifts.

We bought all of Reagan and Maddie's Christmas gifts.

I helped some sweet Mennonite women find a dress on a clearance rack in the girls' department at Target. They were thrilled.

We used a lot of coupons.

I got 6 things at Bath and Body Works for approximately $15. Unbelievable.

I spent approximately 15 minutes in Hobby Lobby picking out sprapbook paper. This is a RECORD for me.

The Iowa Hawkeyes won a great football game. We actually got to be in the car to listen to the last several minutes.

We finished our shopping and went out for pizza together. It was really really good.

Then we drove home. Our children had a fantastic, wonderful, fun-filled day with their Grandma here at home. They were happy and had a LOT more fun than they would have if we would have dragged them along.

And all of that was really really good. Really good. But the very very best part of my day was that I got to spend the whole day with my husband. I love that guy.

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Stephanie said...

Love days like that one Jean, so glad you got some time with your husband AND got a lot crossed off your list! We had an impromptu date night last night and it was the highlight of my month I think :) Such a needed treat to get some alone time away from the kids...even if it's just to eat in peace and not cut someone's dinner up! Hope your Sunday has been a sweet day too...