Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Five Years

Dear Reagan,

It still seems like not so long ago that the nurse handed me a little baby wrapped in a blanket and I saw your sweet scrunched up face for the first time. I had no idea what the future would hold, but I knew Who held it so I began this motherhood journey with you as my teacher and Him as my guide.

I have been, quite simply, amazed by you this entire year. You suddenly stopped being this little toddler-like little one and became this kid with your own ideas and thoughts and ways. Sometimes, I have tried too hard to force you into who I think you should be, and it has taken time for me to learn how to just let you be your sweet little self. And who you are is so wonderful. Let me tell you a little about you.

You are my cautious adventurer. Typically, you don’t just jump right in a try something. You like to observe for a while, have help getting involved, and then you take off on your own. If I am just patient enough, you will eventually feel safe enough to go ahead and do things yourself.

You are my sensitive one. I have to be careful about what you overhear or what you see on t.v. because some of real life scares you. Sometimes when you hear about an animal that died, you get extremely sad and I can see your little heart just breaking. If I am upset or sad, you do everything you can to comfort me. When Maddie cries, you bring her your own teddy bear and blankie. You feel every single thing with your heart and are the most compassionate child I have ever met.

You are my imaginative dreamer. Not a single day goes by where your imagination has not turned it into a wonderful celebration or adventure. I love the way you come up with stories and ideas on your own and how you are never afraid or embarrassed to play them out. This aspect of your personality is confounding to your poor Daddy, but you help him play with your My Little Pony Castle and have taught us both how to be more imaginative and playful.

You are my constant student. Of course you started preschool this fall which has been a wonderful thing in your life. But even before that you were asking questions constantly – always wanting to learn more about backhoes, how caterpillars become butterflies or where snow goes. You carefully sort your fruit snacks by color and then tell me which color has the most and which has the least. Occasionally we even play addition and subtraction games. You know all of your letters, can write most of them, and are very close to being able to read words. I never worry about you academically because you are a very smart little girl.

You are my tender-hearted servant. This is especially true of your relationship with your little sister, your “Maddie”. You spend every morning playing with her and everyday when we drop you off at preschool you hang up your backpack and come back to hug her specifically. The two of you play camping, tea party, going to the zoo, birthday party, picnics, and a whole host of other things together. Frequently, I find you both in your room, where you will be reading to her. If I ask for your help with anything, you are eager to lend a hand. And you love to help Maddie, even when she really doesn’t want it.

There are so many other ways I could describe you: shy, intuitive, inquisitive, active, energetic, inventive. But mostly, I think you’re just really really great.

For 5 years I have been honored and delighted to call you mine. But just this fall, you sort of changed that. On September 4, 2011, you prayed and asked Jesus to come and live in your heart. And now I get to share you with my Savior. Nothing in all this world could make me happier. I know you are so very young, and that you may have lots of ups and downs still ordained for you. I also know that He will follow you always. My deepest prayer is that you will continue to choose Him, not just when you get older, but every single day of your life.

I love you sweet girl.



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I love this girl and her whole family!