Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tot School - V, 11 and W

It is a little harder to keep going with tot school now that so many other activities are winding down. We've celebrated the conclusion of Coffee Break (Story Hour for Reagan) and Kids of the Kingdom (Reagan's Sunday school). I am also done leading my adult Sunday school class. So one would think that with all this "extra" time we have lots of chances to do tot school. But these last few letters of the alphabet are kinda boring, let's just be honest. I'm trying but Reagan is usually asking for more after I have exhausted my lesson plan for her.

For letter V we talked mostly about VEGETABLES. I came up with a fun little activity where I gave Reagan a shopping list of vegetables (pictures only, of course). Then I sent her off with her shopping cart to shop her stash of play food for the things on the list. She did really well and had fun with it. I even helped her checkout her groceries and put them in a little brown bag for her :) For our craft we colored some vegetables and glued them to a brown paper bag. We also worked on a little number game. She had to put them all in order and then we could read the Bible verse on them. And that's where my lesson plan stopped. But fortunately, for her birthday she had received Hot Dots that I have been saving for later. We got it out and she could do all the cards. Every card is different - some ask which words rhyme, some ask what thing begins with a certain letter, etc. She did so well and had a lot of fun with it.

Letter V was VIVID!

For letter W and 11 we skipped a week and combined our tot school lessons because we had some bad colds around here and were in survival mode. Reagan glued the WATERMELON seeds onto the watermelon all by herself and then started on her star tracing page. She has improved a TON in the coloring department! First she traced the star and then colored it. And I also had her do her 11 sticker card.

Letter W was, of course, WONDERFUL.

Just in case you are wondering, Maddie is "involved" in our tot school lessons as well. Mostly, she sits at the table and colors and puts stickers on a page. Sometimes I just give her a blank piece of paper and other times I give her a picture of something that goes with our lesson. She doesn't really care as long as she gets to participate.

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