Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Message from the Slacker

Oy. I just have NOT felt like blogging lately. I don't know what the deal is. I think of plenty of amusing things to blog, but I just don't feel like going downstairs and typing. Instead of blogging, I have been reading. Shocking isn't it? I discovered Janet Evanovich books and have been loving them. I also read a couple by Philipa Greggory which are interesting. Anyway, lots of reading.

I have also been writing. I've just finished revising Chapter 5. I need to go back and rework a few parts, but for the most part I've been pleased with my progress. I did find I had to rewrite a few parts entirely because they were just downright ridiculous or bad or boring or confusing. Revising is a good thing, I've found.

As I mentioned in the tot school post, we've been busy finishing up several activities in time for summer. We attended our last Coffee Break / Story Hour and I got to watch Reagan sing. Reagan also completed her year in Kids of the Kingdom (her Sunday school). I finished leading my adult Sunday school as well.

Last weekend we spent a busy morning going to the Pella Corp. Easter Egg Hunt - though again, this is more just a candy free for all. Afterwards we went to see the baby chicks at Theisens. Maddie was amazed. Reagan just wanted some free popcorn.

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