Friday, January 28, 2011

Tot School - Letter O

I’m finding that I spent a lot more time preparing all my crafts for the first “semester” of tot school and don’t have as much planned for the last half. So this week I only had a little OSCAR the Grouch ready to go. Since Maddie is often going without a morning nap, she is joining us on our tot school adventure. I try to have a page for her color or something that she can do at the table with us.

So first I had Reagan put the “trash” in OSCAR’s garbage can. Which she enjoyed…for all of 15 seconds. Madison, on the other hand, spent quite a bit of time with Oscar and enjoyed that activity more than Reagan. It was definitely more her level than Reagan’s! But it’s hard to know if you are planning far in advance what your kids will be capable of and when. I’m learning quite a bit about their development through this tot school adventure!

I had also printed up some OVAL worksheets which Reagan enjoyed. She did pretty well but was really far more interested in coloring the ovals than she was in tracing them.

So while they worked on their various activities, I hit the internet and found some great OWL crafts and activity pages. Maddie was pretty excited to get an OWL page to color and could even tell me what sound the “OW WOOL” (2 syllables) made! Reagan was, again, more willing to color than she was to practice drawing an O. OH well!

Reagan made the OWL with hearts and it turned out SO cute. I had to do the cutting, but she did the assembly. He makes a lovely addition to our alphabet wall.

For a more fun activity, we made OATMEAL cookies which were fabulous.
Letter O was more than OKAY!

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