Saturday, January 08, 2011

From the land flowing with songs and words

Well, we survived another year of holiday fun. I'll post pictures soon - there are a few hundred to sort through. Not even joking about the number. But for now let's just focus on catching you up to what's happening here.

Christmases. We had a wonderful time celebrating with family. I was so so glad to hear Reagan and Madison be genuinely grateful for the gifts they received. That was something I was worried about - apparently for no good reason. The traveled well in the car and they slept reasonably well while we were away visiting family. They were a joy to travel with and I am still shaking my head in surprise at how well it all went. We even managed to find an evening at home where we could celebrate our own family Christmas. That was really fun and I'm glad we found a night to start our own family tradition.

Harry Potter. I finished reading the series over Christmas and I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVED it. At first I wasn't so hooked. But Book 3 got me and then I could not put them down. What I did not realize was that the story echoes the gospel so strongly. My pastor recommended them to me and I am so very glad he did. When Reagan and Maddie get older I will definitely recommend that they read them.

Songs. Reagan had to learn 3 songs for her Christmas program so she and Brian spent a couple evenings downstairs - he playing them on the piano and she singing along. I did not realize that she would love it quite so much because she has continued to sing and play the piano several times a day. She especially likes to change the words to fit her purposes or thoughts at that moment. And it doesn't stop when we leave the house. She sings in parking lots, grocery stores and the library. Very very loudly.

Words. The biggest development in our house is little Miss Madison's WORD EXPLOSION. This poor girl. It is like she has had all these words just trapped inside her for so long and just now figured out how to get them out. She has been saying words I did not realize she even knew and she can repeat just about anything I say with perplexing accuracy. RayRay (our nickname for Reagan), Ladybug. Puzzle. Thank you. Sorry. Please. Book. Hat. Shoes. Teeth. The list could seriously go on forever. And you just suffered through a really long list on my last post so I will spare you this time :) But this was my absolute favorite phrase so far: "I love you!" So fun to hear her jabbering and communicating.

Coffee Break. Coffee Break has started once again, but this semester both of my children "graduated" to the next level. Maddie is now in the toddler nursery where she does a good job of standing like a statue and watching the other children play with toys. Reagan is no longer a Little Lamb but has moved up to Story Hour (for 4-5 year olds). She was really excited to see dress up clothes and a doll house in her new room! We love our mornings at Coffee Break!

Concert Choir. We were very excited to learn that the Dordt College Concert Choir was going to be in town recently. Brian's sister, Krista, sings in the choir. Since I also sang in the choir my last year at Dordt, I was really looking forward to hearing them perform again. Reagan wanted to go along so Reagan and I went together and enjoyed hearing the most beautiful performance! It was just gorgeous. Reagan especially loved the songs which included percussion :) We were happy to have Krista and a friend overnight afterward. So fun to take Reagan with me!

Our new year is off to a great start! I'm very excited to see what the next 12 months hold for us!

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