Tuesday, December 21, 2010


In 2010, I managed to do a few noteworthy things – and even knock a few things off my bucket list.

1. Self-accompanied guitar solo. It wasn’t a complicated song, but I managed to play and sing all by my lonesome one fine Sunday morning.

2. Win honorable mention in a writing contest. My goal for the year was to submit a piece for publishing, and this was as close as I got. I won honorable mention in a writing contest held by my local library.

3. Started writing something with chapters. I suppose I should just go ahead and say I started writing a book. Much like dear Stephanie Meyer and her Twilight mania, my book started off a dream I had one night. My dream, however, was not about vampires. At any rate, that I have started to write a book is immensely fulfilling for me. I may not ever show it to a single living soul (because that would quite literally be terrifying for me), but the goal was just to write one someday. I’m doing it.

4. Start an easy pre-preschool program with Reagan. We call it tot school and as you know it happens about once a week. She loves it and I have seen some definite improvement in various areas. I’ve made it halfway through the “curriculum” I have planned for her and I’m just proud I’ve stuck with it.

5. Lost weight. As I said on Monday, I lost a little more than 30 pounds this year. I feel really healthy and I am the happy owner of some baggy jeans.

6. Completed the Gratitude Project. I’ll write more on this later, but basically I spent 2010 compiling a list of over 1,000 things/moments/etc. for which I am thankful.

7. Played at the beach with the girls. We chased waves and it was fun. A great great memory that we still talk about.

8. Successfully potty-trained a small person. Don’t laugh. This “task” scared me and I was reasonably sure I would somehow fail. I didn’t fail. Yay.

9. Started “teaching” adult Sunday school. This was something that came up when I was taking a class in the not-so-distant past. I have really enjoyed it so far.

10. Read a LOT of books. Somewhere around 55 or so. Some of them good. Some of them AWESOME. Some of them a complete waste of time. Some of them life changing. I’ll try to do a light review of my favorites in a future post.

This year was very good to me. I loved so many many things about it and have been blessed to celebrate some really great moments. It's fun to look back and see the evidence of His hand working in all things.


Stephanie said...

That is a great year! Good for you, your list is inspiring to me :)

Dale Deur said...

I think you should share your book drafts with your small group. Because we are blunt. In a loving way. Just sayin'.

Rochelle said...

Quite inspiring, Jean! A super great and full list!!!