Friday, August 27, 2010

Tot School - Letter C

I’d like to start this recap off by saying how glad I am that I kept this as simple as I did when planning it. Because some weeks, anything more than a 30 minute lesson just isn’t going to work. So far it’s been going really well and I attribute that to several things:

(a) Reagan LOVES “tot school” and requests it frequently
(b) I have all the materials ready and waiting and very organized
(c) it takes 30 minutes or so a week – and can easily be expanded or shortened if necessary

So this week we learned about the letter C.

C is for CHICKEN, so we tried a tracing page of a chicken. This was challenging for Reagan but I felt she did pretty well.

C is for CIRCLES and I had this worksheet printed and ready to go. This was a little different in that there were specific instructions she had to listen to and follow from me. I was really pleased with how well she listened and followed along.

C is also for CLIFFORD! Reagan really liked COLORING CLIFFORD. She is getting better at coloring specific things on the page – rather than just the giant mess of scribbles. But learning how to color in the lines is a new concept so she’s “in progress”.

And for our fun C activity, Daddy took Reagan to the farm to see the cows – specifically the calves. Reagan loves to spend time with her Daddy and it was a great opportunity for them to do something fun together. Madison was a little more than horrendously jealous.

C was cool!

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