Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Summer is approaching. I have been thinking about this and considering it lately, but today I read on my friend Sherri's blog about making summer really fun for our kids.

Reagan and Madison are not yet school-age and I stay home fulltime. So honestly, summer time for me is a lot like every other season/day of the year. We are home together all day everyday. But I have been feeling a special calling to make this summer a little more special and memorable. Sherri's post inspired me to make a list of all the things I want to do this summer with the girls.

- go to the library at least once a week
- go to the beach
- go swimming
- have as many picnics as possible
- fly a kite
- spend some time at my parents' farm
- roast marshmallows and make smores
- do a craft once a week
- implement Family Night once a week (something ALL 4 of us can do together)
- sidewalk chalk on my driveway as often as possible
- have popsicles on the front porch
- go to the park more than "reasonably necessary"
- meet friends at the park whenever possible
- watch fireworks on July 4 (missed them last year)
- go to at least one parade
- go to the zoo

And I have made a commitment that all of these things are going to happen! I'm giving myself 3 months to complete all of it (beginning June 1).

Even though I'm not such a hot weather fan and swimming is not so much my thing (do not even yet own a swimsuit...oy), I am still really excited to do all these things with Reagan and Maddie. I'll keep you posted on how we do with our list! And if anyone has any other really good ideas I should add, I'd love to hear them!

Off to meet some friends at the park! YAY!!!!


Krista said...

You can come to our house and play in our pool. It's deep enough Reagan can stand on the bottom and the water doesn't cover her head, but deep enough that fun can be had by all sizes! We're, ok I'm thinking that we should put it up tomorrow so the kids can have fun this weekend and the beginning of next week since it's supposed to be hot.

Miz Jean said...

We might have to do that sometime! And I wouldn't have to wear a swimming suit (which I still do not yet even own!). ;)