Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maddie's Birthday Party!

We celebrated Madison's birthday on Saturday. And oh did we have fun. Reagan was so excited she literally ran in circles in the driveway squealing as the guests arrived.

Madison wore her new birthday dress (thank you Walmart for having such inexpensive and cute clothes).

I. Love. This. Kid!

Oh my goodness...what a face.

Welcome to Maddie's Candyland!!! The suckers are made out of paper plates, saran wrap and bamboo skewers.

Here's the setup.

The invitations were "lollipops".

This is a happy accident. I bought square plates at Walmart because they were cute and different. The day before our big party I realized they were PERFECT for a candyland party because I could place them on white napkins and make them look like the double blue and double green cards.

Inside everyone's napkin was a golden ticket (ala Willy Wonka) to the Candy Bar!

These are the giant "candies" I made out of balloons and clear gift wrap (or cellophane). Ridiculously easy, cheap and cute!

I went only slightly overboard on the homemade signage. The gingerbread men were made out of a brown paper grocery sack (I sketched them).

The Candy Bar! People, this is a fun thing to do but oh my word did we have candy left over!

The party is ready to begin!

My first attempt at a 2-tier cake went well.

Maddie and Daddy.

I laugh every single time I look at this picture. It. Is. Hilarious.

Madison and her Grandma.

The kids wasted no time in chowing down. Please note my daughter who ate all of the frosting off of one enormous cupcake and then declared that she was done.

After the cake and goodies we watched Madison open her gifts. She was far more excited with the boxes and paper-ripping than any of the contents.

The Dads played with the little ones in the yard while the Moms chatted and policed the Candy Bar. :)

My Dad is an incredible Grandpa! He spent much of the evening tending to Reagan and/or Madison. Even after the party was over, he just carried Maddie all around and played with her while I cleaned up all the candy.

Maddie (and Reagan and Mom and Dad, too) had such a great time at her first birthday party! I realize to some it may seem like we went overboard, but I want to tell you that I threw this whole thing for $50. Food and decorations included. We do not normally throw such huge birthday parties, but we do a bigger party for the first birthday because we want to celebrate the fact that we lived through that first year. Ha! No seriously. At any rate, it was such a beautiful evening and we are so thankful for everyone who came to help us celebrate our little sweetie!

Also, if anyone has any desire to throw a candyland themed party, I can so hook you up!

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