Saturday, April 24, 2010

On a Saturday Night

My children woke up this morning - in their shared room - looked at each other and started giggling and clapping. I was quite happy to lie in bed listening to their shrieks and laughter.

I got out of bed and decided to hit a few garage sales since the rain had stopped. The first one I went to had what I considered to be a jackpot in terms of educational toys. As I was checking out I found that one of the gals selling items was a preschool teacher. I was thrilled with my purchases.

I also bought a wooden shelf type thing which is holding my eraser collection. You didn't know I collected erasers, did you? My Mom is probably floored that I still have them. And no, don't buy me any more. I once heard it said that if you collect something you need to display it. Otherwise, get rid of it. So I am proud and pleased to tell you that my eraser collection is now hanging in a nifty little location in my basement. All those years of my childhood spent collecting are flooding back to me as I look at each one.

I went to a second garage sale and got some GREAT things for Reagan for next year. Good garage sale experiences make me all kinds of giddy.

I went to my worship small group meeting this afternoon. I love our discussions. Though we are a varied group, we have found great friendship.

Do you ever have it where you have a friend and after your last talk with them you are worried that they might be angry with you...or worse...annoyed. Angry friends (true friends) most often make an effort to work it out. Annoyed friends drift apart. Anyway...I had such a friend-situation. After talking with said friend today, I feel much better. And I am glad.

I made homemade brownies with homemade chocolate frosting this evening. Yay! I talk to my baked goods. Anybody else do that? No seriously. Like when I pulled the brownies out of the oven I said, "Hello there ladies!" Too weird? I probably just made you uncomfortable.

There is a Star Trek movie on tonight. And I do not care if that makes you think I am a geek. My Mom and I watched COUNTLESS episodes of Star Trek (Next Generation and the original thankyouverymuch -- half of you have NO idea what I am talking about) together throughout my childhood and Star Trek holds a special place in my heart. I plan to stay up way too late watching the movie.

Today was a really fun day. Except for the superglue incident.

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