Tuesday, March 30, 2010


She has a future in gymnastics.

Or perhaps art.

This is her version of Barney, which is ASTOUNDING to me given that every other thing she has ever drawn is a scribble mess. This picture made sense and I was unbelievably proud of her.

Reagan waiting patiently for the Easter Egg "Hunt" to begin.

Daddy with his two girls.

Getting the goodies!

Maddie surveys the chaos.

Mom and Reagan.

Dad and the girls again.

"What did ya get, Ray?"

A good one!

We snacked on some of the candy at Daddy's (new) desk.

By the Rolscreen truck.

After all that candy, we went to visit the baby chicks.

Pretty girl.

Maddie tried to get a good look at what was causing all that commotion.

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