Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This will be one of those posts where I just write about loosely related items

Seriously, I am STRUGGLING in the title department lately, no?

Last night I finished an AWESOME book I have been reading - Good to Great in God's Eyes by Chip Ingram. Its about the 10 practices that great Christians have in common and it is fascinating! And strangely so motivating and inspiring. My Mom gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago and I just never picked it up because there were other books I was reading or the subject matter just flat out intimidated me. But I'm sad I waited this long to read this book. It is incredibly good. Chip Ingram has a writing style that just clicks with me very well. I can easily follow him and he instructs but also tells stories and THAT is how I learn. It may also be how I write. Anyway, I highly recommend it. In fact, I am going to go back and re-read it immediately. One of my favoritest features in the book is that at the end of each chapter, there are not only some nifty questions for reflection and discussion, but GET THIS - there are "ACTION STEPS"!!! ACTION! STEPS! Its so frustrating to me to read a book about how to improve yourself when it just talks about what you should be like but gives very little in the way of concrete steps on how get there. Chip heard my frustration. And though the action steps are not "easy", they are doable - even for a busy mom. I loved this book. Really loved it. Its a life-changer.

I awoke to a serious coating of ice on the East side of my house. Reagan was alarmed when she discovered she could see nothing out of our large living room picture window. She calmed down when she discovered the West side was still ice-free. But yeah, its a mess here. No Coffee Break today. And of course, Brian has a work dinner tonight. I'm on my own for 12 hours. Sometimes, that's daunting. I plan to utilize my toddler-movie stash in case of emergencies - like Mommy needing to hold down the couch cushions.

I have a craft planned for today! Here's the scoop on our advent crafts/activities. I fully intended to photographically document all our nifty craftiness and activities, but a strange thing happened. About halfway through December this Mommy RAN OUT OF STEAM! Oh. My. Did you know doing a craft every single morning with a 3 year old can be a bit exhausting and, well, um, irritating at times? Some of the crafts were cool and fun and we enjoyed them. Those were the easy ones. The harder ones were ones I should have just given up on...but didn't. We did do lots of crafts and nifty activities - but I certainly could have done better. And no, I didn't document much of anything photographically because I was often too busy gluing my fingers together or picking tiny sequins out of the carpet. Reagan seemed to enjoy what we did - except she had zero interest in the plain old coloring pages I printed off for her. Anyway, a craft today. One a week I think I can handle. Its a calendar where she gets to color a picture for each month (Christmas present from Grandma!). I think she'll like it. I hope she'll like it.

So instead of waking up at a painfully early hour, I decided to workout in the evening instead of early morning. It was far less painful!!! I guess I am the type of person that needs a little time (12 hours or so) to really warm up and get going. At any rate, we are switching up the routine now and honestly, the extra half hour or sleep is such a joy.

This afternoon I just might take a nap as I listen to the tree branches crackle and snap and crash around our house. Good times.

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