Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stuff with a healthy dose of nonsense

Potty Training.

Have I been a bit quiet and absent lately? Perhaps that is because in the time it took me to write that sentence, I have had to supervise a small person going potty no less than five times. And by "going potty" I mean she sat down five times but was only successful once. She's still getting the hang of things. We've been...busy.

I could write a lot about our adventures in potty training Reagan. In fact, I just did and then deleted it all. Because who wants that kind of information about themselves plastered all over the internet?

So let's just suffice it once again to say that Reagan is doing wonderfully and only has a few more things to figure out before I declare her officially potty trained. But I'm very proud of how quickly and how happily she has gotten the hang of going potty. I'm also glad I resisted the urge to make it a big battle.

The Shred.

I am doing the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. She's killing me. Slowly. Starting with my feet. Seriously, who has pain in their feet when they are exercising? Its ridiculous. I thought I would solve the problem by buying arch supports. Problem. Not. Solved. Still excruciating pain. Not sure what to do about that. And when my feet aren't screaming at me, my shins are. I've suffered with shin splints since my days of being a sprinter in high school track. They hurt then, yes. But now my shins are actually sore to the touch. How is this possible??? Sometimes, it hurts to have Madison sitting in my lap on the floor. Its just all very strange. My lower extremities hurt so badly that I am actually relieved when Ms. Michaels instructs me to do ab work. Because then at least I can lie down. I'll do a million crunches before I do another stupid jumping jack or side lunge. Anyway...this is day 8 of 30 for me. I do feel a lot better about myself physically. You know, aside from the excruciating pain in my feet and shins. And last week I did lose a little weight. So there are some good things. I love how good I feel throughout the day, but I hate the 22 minutes of torture each morning.

Guitar Playing.

I bet you thought I forgot I even had a guitar. Well, I did not. I've been playing it frequently for the past many many months. Reagan and Madison both really seem to love it when I play, and they are a blissfully gracious audience who don't seem to notice my missed chords or off strumming patterns. So I have been playing for them frequently. I got to the point where I had a song pretty well figured out. So I told my guitar teacher, fearless J, that I would appreciate his "gentle critique" someday. Someday came this past week when I played the much prepared song for him. And to his credit he did not laugh me right out of the church! He said I did a good job and was very encouraging. Now, I am by no means "great" and most people would probably not be overly impressed. That's fine. But the fact that I am almost completely prepared to accompany myself for a solo is something that pretty much floors me. So some Sunday in the next 3 months I plan to take my guitar to church, play it and sing all by myself. It will probably be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my entire life. Because never ever ever have I played an instrument in front of other people before. But I am having so much fun learning new songs and just polishing up some of my "skills" - its just been a very cool time. I'm excited. Reagan asked me on Sunday if I was going to play guitar (as I was on praise team and there were guitars up on the stage). I smiled at her and said, "Not this time, but pretty soon." And I meant it.


Lastly, but not leastly, my little Madison is very much on the move. She's been enjoying her ability to pull up on many surfaces (couches, coffee tables, window sills, walls, other humans) and is slowly learning to move along them. Poor Reagan is having a hard time adjusting to the hard reality that there are very few "safe" places for her precious little toys. Reagan was walking by 10 months. Seeing as how Madison is just 8 months, I have little doubt she will be far behind.


Sherri said...

Potty training...I wish we were doing that!
Guitar...that would be wonderful! You are one talented women!
Cruising...that will change your life..for the good..we hope
The Shred...at least you bought it and are actually doing it! Stick with it!

Stephanie said...

SOOOO proud of you for doing the Shred!! Wish I was proud enough for it to rub off on me...Keep it up girl!! It will be worth it when the dreaded "Swimsuits" are upon us...

Miz Jean said...

Sherri, Thanks!!

Steph, I'm stubborn beyond belief so I'm sticking with it. But BY NO MEANS will I be wearing a swimsuit this summer. Yikes.