Thursday, December 03, 2009


First of all, I must admit, I am in a funk. It seems traveling and partying and overeating has all caught up with me and its not pretty. Let's just say that thing I wrote about over here, yeah, ain't happening this week.

Anyway, because of said funk, my blog has recently been nominated for MOST BORING BLOG ON THE PLANET. I'm pretty sure I'll win. Acceptance speeches are being written as we speak.

What happens when I don't blog is that my mind fills with all of these wonderful ideas about things I could tell you and amusing anecdotes I could share. The key word in that sentence was "could". Because well, obviously I haven't been telling or sharing very much this week. And for no good reason. So here are a few things that I wanted to tell you and a few teasers for upcoming read-worthy content.

You are welcome.

- We went to my parents' for Thanksgiving and while there I used my Mom's hairdryer. I nearly fell over when I turned the thing on because THE POWER! There was a mighty rushing wind whipping my hair every which way and in no time flat my hair was dry dry dry. Drier than I can ever get it at home. I marveled for several days at the power of her mighty blowdryer. So once home I looked at mine. It was shiny enough - it should be more powerful. WHAT was the deal? After a close inspection I noticed the air intake (I sound so knowledgeable, don't I?) was almost completely plugged. No air goes in, no air goes out. After a quick cleaning I now have a mighty powerful blowdryer as well. Lesson learned!

- As of this morning I am the only person in my family without a raging cold. And yet I am wearing more snot than anybody else.

- I got this CD recently. I preorder all Jeremy Camp stuff (there is not a single album of his that I do not own) so that I get it the very minute it is released. If you like Jeremy Camp, you'll like this. If you really like Jeremy Camp concerts, you will LOVE this. Plus you can't beat that price.

- So Reagan and Madison share a room. At least they do until Madison wakes up at night. Then we were getting her up, feeding her, putting her in the pack n play in our room, walking MILES up and down the hall - pretty much anything and everything we could think of. And boy were we frustrated. I told my Mom one day that I would really like to let her just fuss it out, but we were stuck because we couldn't do that in her crib and have her disturb Reagan and it was exhausting to have her in the pack n play in our room and have her disturb both of us. She then suggested moving the pack n play just for the night into the living room. We did. And life around here got a LOT better. Madison will still wake up on occassion. We just scuttle her little self into the pack n play in the living room, shut a few doors, let her coo and babble herself back to sleep (however long that takes) and blissfully fall back asleep in our own bed. My Mom wins the award for most helpful parenting suggestion EVER!!!!

- So yeah, sleep, we've been getting some. Its happy.

- We had a really wonderful Thanksgiving. As previously mentioned, we went to my Mom and Dad for a few days. My parents' pastor always suggests that before or after the big meal, everyone around the table can tell what they are thankful for and why. Its a pretty simple idea and I'm sure not new to anyone. But for the last several years my family has done this. And I cannot tell you how meaningful and moving it is. I think we all cried this year. Its just so beautiful to hear people tell of God's faithfulness and to love on one another out loud. This is definitely a tradition Brian and I will carry on to our girls. We got a special treat of seeing my Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary who were "traveling through". My Mom made the best turkey I have ever had - and then as is tradition, my Dad and I carved it together. That's something we have done for YEARS and I think we both enjoy. We end up sampling more bird than we should, but it is SO SO SO good. [SIDE NOTE: Actually carving the turkey is essential to turkey enjoyment. I have seen people just shred the thing to bits and TOTALLY RUIN a good thing. Take the time to slice!] Then we traveled home and got to spend some time with Brian's parents and siblings at a good old-fashioned pizza party. Which, consequentially, is probably the BEST idea for a meal after everyone has totally stuffed themselves silly the day before. We had a very happy little evening together and then had Brian's parents and two youngest siblings over for supper the next evening where we had another birthday celebration for Reagan.

- We got to skype with Tom and Angie and that was fun. We miss them. A lot!

- I will be posting pictures of Reagan's birthday fun in the near future!

- This past Sunday Reagan attended her first children's message at the front of church. She's pretty stoked about this because they handed out candy. I could see her little face the whole time she sat up there on her Daddy's lap and it was really cute to see her up there. She seems so big sometimes - so grown up. But to me that morning she seemed so little.

- I have a storm followup piece I will be writing in the near future.

- The day before Reagan's birthday we took the girls to the get their H1N1 boosters. It had been over a year since Reagan has gotten any shots, so I worried that she would totally freak out and scream and whathaveyou. They stuck that needle in, she said, "Ow!" and that was that. Not a single tear or whimper. Just "ow". Madison, on the other hand, more than made up for Reagan's lack of reaction. So I'm done stressing about whether or not to get the shots. We go back sometime around Christmas for the second dose. And I am at peace with it all now.

- I saw this and I cannot stop thinking about it. I'm going to have to make it at some point. And it probably should happen before any New Year's Resolutions come to fruition.

- Do you have your Christmas tree up yet? I'm going to be posting a piece about my life with Christmas trees. Its in process...but needs some polishing. Stay tuned.

- One of my good friends from high school, Steph, has a GREAT blog. She is doing some holiday decorating help posts and this one is AWESOME! She is so gifted and though she is a busy mom of one REALLY cute redheaded baby girl, she has a side business. Seriously, the weddings she does are just the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Her Christmas tree advice is really great, too!

- This past week one of my friends, Angie, had a baby boy. Thanks to facebook I found out in time to go see her at the hospital. He was/is SO cute and she looked AMAZING!!!! But I stood there holding this baby who was only a few ounces lighter than Madison and people, I was FLOORED by how itty bitty tiny small he seemed. I know Madison is not a "baby" baby anymore. And honestly, she's a chunk. My 17+ pound spunky chunk. Not like fat fat, but just really solid and "well-rounded". Anyway...I know she should seem big next to a brand new baby. But was she really that small, too? I don't remember this. He was such a little doll, though.

- My Mom surprised us by having a Thanksgiving craft planned for Reagan! They had fun and it turned out cute. Though someone was more interested in eating said craft than actually putting it together.

And last, but not least, we have started our advent celebrating here at home. This year I made an advent chain. Each day I have a craft or activity based on the day's theme. I'll take pictures of some of the more notable crafts and post links and such like I did for our Thanksgiving crafts. I did not realize how many families put together advent calendars/activities each year. You guys are amazing with all your creativity and great ideas!

More to come this coming week.

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