Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My favorite parts of Christmas 2009

- Reagan helping anyone and everyone open every single present

- Madison actually understanding the concept of tearing paper off of a gift

- Madison having more interest in eating said paper than anything in the package

- My Mom bought a whole bunch of wigs on clearance after Halloween and I'm not afraid to tell you we laughed ourselves sick over seeing each other in them. I have very incriminating photographic proof which I may or may not be sharing with you in the near future

- Oh. The. Food.

- A fantastic car ride to my parents - one girl slept the whole way and the other one just stared out the window in complete silence for 2 solid hours

- Watched 27 Dresses with Amy. It was cute. I liked it.

- Watched He's Just Not That Into You with Amy. It was REALLY depressing until the last 3 minutes. Then it redeemed itself. A little.

- Watched Jurassic Park III with Amy. Decided Madison makes a lot of sounds that strongly resemble velociraptors and other various dinosaurs.

- Watched Lady In The Water with Amy. It was, bar none, the weirdest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Interesting, but really strange.

- Playing Clue with Brian and Amy and discovering about 30 minutes into the game that Brian had (a) never played Clue in his entire life and (b) no idea what on earth he was doing.

- Won a game of Candy Land by beating Brian and Amy

- Lost at the game of Life

- Lost at the game of Life on the Farm - but beat Amy whose cattle suffered every major calamity imaginable

- Received Your Love Never Fails Jesus Culture CD/DVD and it is changing my life. Reagan loves it too :)

- Hearing Reagan sing "All things work together for my good" from the backseat as we journeyed home. Brian about drove off the road when he realized she knew the words to the songs on said new CD

- Stopping at Menards to buy a new artificial tree - not finding a good one - but finding a $5 in the parking lot. Shush. I'm dutch.

- Stopping at Walmart to buy a new artificial tree - not finding a good one - but finding pretty ornaments super duper cheap.

- Skyping with Tom and Angie and receiving their sweet gifts!

- My Mom, Amy and I all received gray/silver scarves from one another

- My Mom's endless provision of coffee

- Watching Reagan play with Andrew and Abigail (her cousins) at Brian's family Christmas party at our house

- Brian's Dad helping with various household fixit projects - but most notably assisting in the hanging of my new bedroom curtains! Yay!!!

- Brand new blank calendars - these are some of my favorite things

- Finally organizing my craft supplies

- Attending a great service at our church Sunday morning

- Having my brother-in-law check to see how well I did with tuning my guitar by piano and he said I did pretty good!

- Decorating a huge table for Brian's family dinner last night.

- Making "bacon pineapple bites" that were every bit as delicious as they sounded

- Eating the donut covered in sprinkles. Thanks Amy!!!!!! ;)

- Madison sleeping from at least 10-6 every night no matter where we were.

- Watching Madison learn to eat puffs - so cute

- "Organic Hotel". I know, its an inside joke that no one but a few people will even understand. Just know that I laughed so hard at said joke that the wig fell right off my head.

- I made a double batch of my homemade rolls that turned out the best they ever have.

- Helping Dad carve ham one night and turkey the next

- Being snowed in at my parents for 3 days

- Letterman's Top 10 Christmas Carols

- Christmas cards and pictures from so many of you

- Seeing Madison pull herself up on various pieces of furniture

- Watching Reagan and Madison get lots of love from Grandpas and Grandmas and Aunts and Uncles

- Celebrating Christmas in a quiet and meaningful way

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Anonymous said...

So many good things on this list Jean! :) I agree with you on most of the movies you've listed. Lady in Water-weird, 27 dresses-very good (have it on DVD myself), He's Just....-did not like at all, but watched the whole thing. :)

Glad you had such a great Christmas with family! It sounds perfect!!