Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall and Thanksgiving Crafts (Part 2)

We've been doing "crafts" about twice a week for the month of November. But I'm fairly sure that not a day goes by where Reagan does not ask to do a craft. Fortunately, she is easily pleased by a picture to color. So it all works out. But here are a few of the other nifty projects we've tackled.

Turkey Tom:

I got the pattern for this guy here. That is a great resource if you are looking for ideas or coloring pages. Reagan really loved to color all the pieces and then I cut them out and helped her glue it all together. This was a big hit. And it turned out kinda cute.

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Wreath:

I got the idea and the template here. Reagan liked coloring the various things and then I used my circle punch (from Creative Memories) to punch out all the little circles. Then I let her stick them on with double sided tape (less messy than glue when working with a toddler). She really liked this too.

Pilgrim Faces:

At first I thought this was a big flop. But now that I look at it I can see that yes, she did indeed draw a few features on those people! Scariest looking pilgrims you've ever seen, but hey, its the effort that matters here. Get this page here.

Handprint and Footprint Turkey Craft:

This is one of my favorite suggested ideas! I traced Reagan's hand one time and then just made a template from that one tracing. She would NOT allow multiple tracings. That kind of effort was just too taxing. Again, this was a craft that was pretty mom-involved! Honestly, she did almost none of it beyond lending her hand and a foot for a quick tracing. But I intend to do this each year with her and hopefully Madison. My friend Sherri suggested that I laminate these and use them as placemats. FANTASTIC idea! So yeah, in the early years this will be a mom craft. But down the road I can see Reagan taking more of a creative role in these nifty turkeys. Get the template here. It will be so sweet to look back someday and see how she grew.

Our Thanksgiving and Fall crafts have come to an end, but we have LOTS of crafts planned for advent. I'll try to keep doing a post like this every so often so you can see what we are up to and maybe some of you will get some fun ideas - or have fun ideas to share with me!


Laura K. said...

adorable crafts. you're such a good mommy ;)

Miz Jean said...

Thanks Laura! Crafts keep Reagan pretty busy (translation: too busy to be naughty) so it works for both of us!