Monday, April 27, 2009

Almost ready

Friday night we got home from work and made a spontaneous decision to grab a pizza and head out to Brian’s grandparents’ farm. Reagan was all in favor of this idea, because it meant we were going for a ride in the car! No ride in the car is complete without some good cow-viewing. Evidently the same truth applies whether or not we are driving through downtown or the country. The request is always the same. And when we go to the farm, boy, can we deliver! There are not only cows on the way to the farm, there are actual cows ON the farm. She is in her glory. We did not even get in the house before she made her Daddy take her to the fence so she could see the cows. We had a nice supper and visit with Grandma and Bryce and eventually Grandpa too. This was probably my last opportunity to go see them before our new little “farmer” arrives. It feels strange to be doing “last” things lately.

When we got home, Brian hurriedly filled the bathtub so Reagan could have a little soak and splash. He thought he’d do something fun for her so he made it a bubble bath. What girl does not love a bubble bath? Right? Uh, wrong. My poor girl screamed hysterically when she saw all those suds. She refused to sit down. She absolutely panicked when Brian tried to get her to calm down and play with her toys. It was an all-out freak-out. He looked at me bewildered and I said, “Wash her as fast as you can and never give her a bubble bath again!” So that’s what he did. Poor girl was so traumatized she need a long post-bath cuddle with her mommy while Daddy tried to make sure all the bubbles left the tub. She has repeatedly checked the tub to make sure it no longer contains the foamy soap. No more bubble baths for her!

Saturday my Mom came and spent the day with Reagan and I while Brian went back out to the farm. Reagan and I looked at all the gender neutral baby clothes and I did a couple loads of baby linen laundry. Since Mom was there, I got a lot done. I set up the baby bed, packed my bags for the hospital, made a meal to freeze, organized the dresser in the nursery, hung up all the clean baby sleepers and outfits, re-arranged some shelves and cabinets, washed up some new pacifiers, and listened to Reagan have a GREAT time playing with Grandma. I feel much more prepared now, should things happen before the circled date on the calendar.

Sunday we attended church and I must say, we had an awesome time of singing at the beginning of the service. Wow. The first - third graders helped lead the singing and it was just WONDERFUL!!!!!! Reagan was completely enamored the whole time. It was such a blessing to me to be there. We actually stayed home from church Sunday night because we were afraid the weather was going to get nasty. Of course it didn’t really until much later, so we could have gone. Oops. Oh well.

And now another week - this one fairly busy. Several nights have meetings or appointments or whathaveyou. But after such a good weekend, we certainly feel more ready. For a lot of things.

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