Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebrating the return of paragraphs!

So when I last wrote, we were quite sleep deprived and wearied by our dear daughter who coughed and sputtered throughout many a night.

But praise the Lord! She is on the mend! We had high hopes that we were kicking this icky illness of hers on Wednesday night. While she still woke up a few times, she did not remain awake for many hours on end.

I knew she was well on her way to being a much better girl when she took a 3+ hour nap Thursday afternoon. Wow. How many months has it been since we got her to take a 3 hour nap? Um, several. I actually woke her up because I was worried she would not be able to go to sleep last night.

But sleep last night she did! All the way through with no wakings or tears or rocking. Hallelujah!

And that's not all I have for good news! I passed my glucose test which gave me some mighty powerful relief. Wow. Those of us who have had 9 pound babies or larger in past pregnancies are at greater risk for having gestational diabetes. And I know it wouldn't be the end of the world if I had GD...but I am quite relieved to say that I don't.

My doctor appointment following my lab test went very well and everything checked out well. We even talked about scheduling my c-section! Augh! Exciting!

So I got home and Reagan helped me work on a special project which I was very glad to finish and now can hardly wait to show off.

And I got so much done at home yesterday - changed sheets, did loads of laundry, washed dishes, made a good supper, got a few required groceries, and helped Reagan kill at least 12 bugs (the fake lady bug variety).

Have I mentioned that she LOVES to kill bugs? No? Well, she does. She does NOT get this from her mother. I absolutely cannot stand the little crunch sound/feeling a bug makes in a tissue when you squeeze it between your fingers. Ew. Ew. Ew. No way. I've been known to trap bugs until Brian could come home to kill them. Which is probably where Reagan got her desire to kill bugs. It is, not at all joking, her favorite past-time. She can find a bug that I'm fairly sure no one else in the world would be able to see. She gets her own piece of toilet paper off the role. She picks up the bug and squishes it. She examines it carefully. She runs to throw it in the toilet. And then she proudly proclaims, "I got...bug!" If it weren't so unbelievably gross to me, it would be cute.

I'm in such a good mood, I don't even care one little bit if it snows today or not.

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congrats on passing your test!! :)