Monday, January 12, 2009

Yet another recap! This one with plenty of chocolate!

On Saturday morning, I was supposed to attend a small group meeting. However, when I first opened my eyes, all I could see was the closet door moving very rapidly up and down. After closing them and reopening them, I began to sense that something was “off”. My attempt to get from my bed to the bathroom without running into furniture was largely unsuccessful. I was horrendously dizzy. Hubby would have helped me, but he was outside shoveling the 6 or more inches of snow that had fallen overnight. I collapsed on the couch and waited for him to finish his laborious chore. When he came in he informed me that our street was not plowed so he would have to take me to small group...if I intended to go. Which of course meant that we had to wait for Reagan to wake up. She and I ended up both sleeping well past the small group start time, so it was clear that small group meeting was not meant to happen for me. The good news is that my dizziness cleared up after I slept an extra hour. Phew!

The rest of our day was spent “spring” cleaning our kitchen. Basically, I have these little decorations on top of our cabinets and I’m not going to tell you just how long it has been since we cleaned up there...but its been a very very long time. Yikes. Reagan was uninterested in playing by herself in the basement, and instead helped us by stealing our vacuum attachments at every opportunity. And because I am OCD, I made Brian take digital pictures of each decorative arrangement on top of the cabinets so it could be reassembled with perfect accuracy. It was upon his efforts to reassemble said decorations with photo assistance that we decided it would be best if we did not do this when I was pregnant so that I could just do it myself. I really think that would best for our marriage. Because “close enough” is not a phrase I use or enjoy hearing. After our cleaning efforts were completed, Hubby headed out to help some friends and Reagan and I had a nice nap. We also spent a lot of time in the afternoon playing with her nifty new kitchen and her scads of toy food. I also made double chocolate chip muffins (yum!) and chocolate chip cookies. Good stuff!

Sunday morning we bundled up and made it to church. I was not feeling all that well, but it was more just a general discomfort than a real pain or ill feeling. Reagan did not sit very well, so she got taken out by Daddy for a while. Honestly, we are afraid to use the church nursery because that’s a whole new set of germs we just don’t want to deal with. Reagan then took an almost 3 hour nap in the afternoon which was WONDERFUL! I woke up and felt MUCH better. And Reagan behaved MUCH better in evening church where we got to enjoy the little kids singing a few songs during the service. She didn’t get taken out even once! Hooray!

So we had a really nice, mostly relaxing weekend. Now for a busy week!

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