Friday, December 19, 2008

Stuff and Nonsense...and Christmas

I found an easy-looking recipe for lemon bars the other day, and on Tuesday I worked up the energy to try it out. Reagan assisted. I now have a new favorite on my list of top 10 things I can make. Wow. Yum.

Hubby was specifically forbidden from eating any of said lemon bars because I love lemon bars and this preggo lady who has only gained 2 pounds so far has deemed it appropriate to pig out on her homemade treats. Hubby is not altogether disappointed.

For those who want to hear nothing related to toddler diapers or potty training, please skip this paragraph: Reagan woke up this morning with a tummy ache. She kept saying "Stinky! Stinky!" but she hadn't gone yet. And if we had more time, I would have set her on the potty. But we had to leave for work/daycare so the poor poor girl got dropped off with unresolved issues. I feel awful about that.

We got some sleet and ice and snow last night. But I really feel that the weather people caused unnecessary panic in our area. Schools let out early yesterday - when the sun was shining and not a single drop of precipitation was falling from the sky. It was ridiculous. Other people, such as my parents, received a LOT of snow overnight.

It would be lovely to have all that snow if I lived in a cabin the woods. I'm just saying...

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything looks just hunky dory. I did not touch any armrests, door handles or pens if it was at all possible while I was there. Talk about germ city! Yuckus.

Reagan does not particularly loved grilled cheese. Honestly, we have to beg her to eat even a little bit. I find this amusing because she likes bread by itself and cheese by itself.

I wrapped gifts last night. That was enjoyable. I rewarded myself with a lemon bar.

I have purchased a hairbow for Reagan for her Christmas dress. Finally! After receiving a good tip about where to look, I found something that will work. Phew. Relief.

I cannot decide if it would be better to make a 4.5 hour car ride in the morning (when Reagan is awake) so she can look outside and see the scenery, or if we should make it in the middle of the night and PRAY she falls asleep. I'm leaning toward morning. Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips?

We had tacos last night and the back of the taco shell box had instructions that read as follows: "Fill taco shell with meat and desired toppings. Then enoy the most delicious tacos EVER!" I made a point of saying that they were indeed the MOST DELICIOUS TACOS EVER many many times throughout the rest of the evening.

When Reagan grows up she will most likely look for a career in pharmaceutical advertising. That girl LOVES drug commercials. The downside is that she does not understand that we do not have TIVO. The other night when Wheel of Fortune was on, she was PISSED OFF that commercials kept coming on. She got REALLY mad at me because she thought I changed the channel. Like so mad she stormed out of the room and cried. Not at all a drama queen.

I am finishing my Christmas shopping on Saturday. Very happy about that.

Over the course of the holidays, I will be taking some time off to travel to and fro so that means fewer blog entries. But I'll be back with actual pictures of Reagan and a few other people :)

And though this is NOT nonsense, I want to wish you all the very best Christmas. We forget, I'm afraid, that our Savior was born for a purpose - a sole and singular purpose. Sometimes, I feel like my celebration is half-hearted, because I know what happens to that precious little baby lying in that manger. He dies a horrible death...because of me. Its sobering. Its a terrible thing to realize. But its important. What's also important is that we remember it doesn't end there. It doesn't end when he is raised from the dead. It doesn't end when he goes to heaven to prepare a place. It doesn't end until He comes back for us. And even then...that's just the beginning. A beginning worth celebrating even now. Glory to God...Come quickly Lord Jesus.