Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

The title of this post is courtesy the City Maintenance employee who greeted me with those words this morning in the parking garage.

Friday we ate dinner with Hubby's parents who were in town for a short getaway. Reagan spent the first half hour or so doing something she NEVER does - sitting quietly in Daddy's lap. I'm pretty sure I stared at her the whole 30 minutes she sat there silently and perfectly. Later she got some of her spunk back as she understood Mommy and Daddy were not leaving.

Saturday morning I had a small group meeting at 7:00 AM - which was a brutal time to be out of bed. Its worth it, but it hurts. When I got home we quickly packed up everything we needed for an entire day and hit the road for Hubby's grandparents' farm. We spent the rest of the day there. Reagan had fun playing with different toys and seeing the cows. She also had fun spending some time with her Grandma.

Sunday morning I was on praise team. The service went very well. Its always good to celebrate communion, though. We attended an after church meeting and then finally got home shortly before noon. After a quick lunch, we all retired to our various napping spots and had a good rest. Which is evidently precisely the revitalizing Reagan needed to turn into a complete and utter goofball. She was ridiculous for the rest of the day. She copied absolutely every single thing her Daddy did. She sprinted across the house several times for no apparent reason. She stood in the middle of the room, looked me right in the eye and screamed HIGHER than Mariah Carey. She was quite a ham and had us cracking up for a long time. Until it was time to go to bed (7:00 PM) and girlfriend could NOT turn off the funny business. Oh my. Around 8:15 it got quiet in her room so we figured she was asleep. When Hubby checked on her at 9:30 he was a bit shocked to find her sitting up in bed, talking quietly to herself, wide awake. Oy.

But all is well. She was back to her goofy ways early this morning. Sometimes I sit on the couch to watch a little bit of the TODAY show while she has breakfast. And like most mornings she watches me take a seat and then says from her highchair, "No......No.......No." Yes, she even has opinions about where I sit. Very. Important. Opinions. However, I have learned my lesson in the clothing department as I now lay out her outfit the night before - leaving no time for inspection or approval processes.

The rest of our week looks pretty standard, really. I'm sure Reagan has great and wonderful plans to make it more exciting. She always does. And that's a good thing.

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