Friday, October 17, 2008

Adult = boring person who takes life too seriously

Yesterday, for several hours, Reagan was enormously entertained...by a fly. I saw it during her nap - buzzing around way up in our vaulted living room ceiling. Since he was so far up, and since I am just not that concerned about a fly, I let him be.

Lo and behold, when Reagan woke up from her nap she was absolutely overcome with emotion.

For a while, she would just stand there and stare up at the ceiling at that little varmint buzzing around. Every once in a while she'd lose her balance because she tilted her head too far back and she'd fall on her butt. But then she'd get right back up and resume her staring.

Not quiet staring, mind you. No. It really should come as no surprise when I tell you that she used every single word in her vocabulary to comment on the "BUG!" And when she ran out of words, she began screaming and laughing.

And as if that wasn't entertaining enough, at about 5:10, the fly landed on the blinds of our big picture window in the living room. Oh my lands. Girlfriend went a slight bit crazy. She laughed like I did when I saw Richard Simmons on David Letterman. But she was smart and was wearing a diaper. Anyway...she would point and run back and forth and scream and howl and laugh.

And then her Daddy came home. The first thing she wanted to show him was "the bug". But mysteriously, the bug had "disappeared". She ran to the window and began to search for it. And evidently she was totally unprepared for actually finding the bug, because when she did find him and he buzzed around her a couple times she sorta lost her marbles.

There was panicked screaming and running and flailing. Daddy came to the rescue, picked her up and calmed her down. I was busy laughing myself sick. And once she had begun breathing again, Daddy put her down and got out the fly swatter. With a swift THWAP, the fly was silenced. Reagan responded with an "Uh oh." And all our fun was ruined.

At any rate, this all further cements in my mind how much joy I have been missing out on. I mean, if a FLY can bring such happiness to a 2 year old, seriously, why can't I laugh at the giant spider in my basement? I mean, laughing is preferable to screaming any day in my book.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is beyond hilarious! She can come to our house too and see some disgusting centipedes :(


all up in each others bizness said...

i laughed my butt off at richard simmons too...and how letterman wouln't let him do his fat kids speel,lol

Shell said...

Oh if only I could laugh at spiders as well!
Great story!

Miz Jean said...

Specifically, the Richard Simmons appearance on Dave Letterman wherein Richard wore the turkey costume and Dave sprayed him with the fire extinguisher. My sides still ache.

I'm fairly certain I will NEVER be able to laugh at spiders. But perhaps I could just not SCREAM. That would be progress.