Monday, September 29, 2008

Why I write when I have nothing to say, I just don't know

This weekend:

- we went to a bonfire. Reagan was marvelously well behaved. We were very pleased.

- I went to Bible study

- Hubby helped some friends work on their house and then went to his Grandparents' farm.

- we watched Reagan try to jump. She takes after her father. Which means she will not be entering any high jump contests any time soon.

- we were in the nursery at church (all 3 of us) which Reagan thought was super duper cool until SOME OTHER KID sat in my lap! The nerve.

- we made supper for Monday night ahead of time.

- we went to the park together on Sunday afternoon. The breeze was nice but the sun was actually quite warm.

- we attended the first meeting of the ARANSA (Amazing Race Addicts Not So Annonymous) wherein we had some really really incredible snacks. The bar, it has been set oh so high.

- we slept with the windows open but had to race to shut them when the floods came.


all up in each others bizness said...

i would like to hear more about these amazing snacks!!!

and i am glad the bee team got out they were "dumb",lol

Miz Jean said...

I, too, would like to know more about the amazing snacks. I am in the process of obtaining the recipe. They were those little smokies, wrapped in bacon, sprinkled in brown sugar. And now I'm drooling.

I also did not like the bee team. It was clear they were not going to make it very far by the way they strolled around. Really, I think you have to run at least a LITTLE when you are in the AR!

all up in each others bizness said...

the last 3 teams didn't run.........i was also confused on why only some teams took the boat and others didn;t....when only one team crawled the rocks???????i'm sure tv editing is due for blame

ps. sweet meat is my specialty,lol

Miz Jean said...

These first few episodes just leave me confused and frustrated. I like it better when it is fewer teams and we can actually watch them compete and meltdown. Good stuff.

I WISH sweet meat was my specialty! Its a skill I would like to develop!

all up in each others bizness said...

basically you just add brownsugar to any recipie with meat,lol

i use it on meatballs,lil smokies,topping for meatloaf,i use it to make sticky chicken etc :)

i agree and it is the same with survivor also...as the weeks go on i get more engaged...not to say i will miss one second of the earlier epis though!