Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I like today

Actually having to wake Reagan up this morning. Watching her go from "if I ignore her, maybe she will go away" still-sleeping state to STRETCHING awake. That was fun.

My water bottle has this nifty curved hourglass shape. Easier to hold.

Crystal Light on the go flavor packets. Because I HATE drinking water straight up.

The fabulous fall weather that crept into my world this morning. It was refreshingly crisp and fresh when I walked outside today.

People who, when they find out I am working 4 days [instead of 3] this week, say something genuis like, "Wow! I bet you'll be exhausted!" Because on my days off, I hire a nanny and I stay in bed eating chocolate mini donuts. Oh funny people, you make me laugh.

The economy-for-dummies bit they had on the TODAY show this morning.

The picture on my desk of Reagan laughing hysterically at a little dog.

My lunch (leftover Poppy Seed Chicken) was fantastic. I normally hate leftovers.

The SNL skits of Sarah Palin.


Jessica said...

You and Reagan are a cute little duo! Thanks for the sweet comment! : )

Dale Deur said...

Mmmmmm...chocolate mini donuts...

all up in each others bizness said...

what goes into that poppyseed chicken? Besides the obvious,lol