Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am not unaccustomed to runny nose, scratchy throat, watery eyes, head congestion in late summer / early fall. Not at all. Normally, this time of year, nature wreaks havoc on my sinuses and I throw myself at the mercy of lots of expensive prescription medications and a few over-the-counter ones for good measure. And in an all important move, I used to refuse to go outdoors for more than 5 minutes at a time - hoping to limit my exposure to the AIR THICK WITH POLLEN! This has not been possible with little Reagan, whose first words every morning when I open her door to get her out of bed are "Oussside? Ousssside?" Aye. Yi. Yi. I inevitably give in somewhere around the 9:00 to 9:30 time frame and we head out the door, strolling along to one of 3 worthy parks.

So it came as no huge surprise to me that even with medication, I was feeling a little more "full" in the head and throat regions than normal. Obviously, it was because I was spending time somewhere other than my living room on a more frequent basis. No big deal. I could deal with a little discomfort. I could make that sacrifice for my daughter. And I totally could, until the last few days when I have not felt well. That is, not well beyond the expected allergetic discomfort I find myself in when exposed to nature or running low on medication. It was, if possible, worse than that. You see, I think I actually have a cold - and not so much an allergy problem.

I mean, I am breathing with my mouth open. And I cannot sleep. My ears pop all the time. I sneeze somewhere around several hundred times a day. Reagan says "Aaaaachoooo!" every time I sneeze. Which I will admit is cute.

Hubby said I crossed a line when last night I informed him that Reagan throws away my dirty kleenexes. Evidently, that is not proper Mommy behavior. I honestly didn't make her do it. She just picked them up off the end table and threw them away. Have I mentioned she may have some OCD tendencies?

Anyway...I'm feeling not so great. And any prayers you have to throw my way would be greatly appreciated. And I apologize for what is probably a very incoherent post. That is most definitely how I feel.

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all up in each others bizness said...

i had that cold two weeks and it was HORRIBLE....i actually had it for almost 2 weeks..........the only upside to that was i got to eat astronomical ammounts if mint chocolate chip ice cream,lol....i'll be praying for ya