Monday, July 07, 2008

Catching Up

For the holiday weekend, we went to my parents' house. Reagan did not appreciate being forced to sleep in an unfamiliar location - but after a few nights she got the hang of it. Of course, by then she was on dog-overload. My parents have had a dog (my dog, really) for many years - BJ. He's a sweet black lab and most of the time he is terrified of my husband. And by terrified I mean he actually runs and hides whenever Brian is in sight. I wasn't sure how he (the dog) would handle a screaming 1 year old, but he did marvelously. The first time Reagan saw him she nearly came unglued. Much pointing and babyspeak emitted from that little person as she discovered there was a D-O-G right there before her very eyes. "THIS!" she exclaimed repeatedly. When BJ decided her gestures and exclamations were in his favor, he gently licked her toes. And. She. Squealed. Oh people, if you want to see Reagan have a good time, you just hang out with her and BJ. It wasn't long before she began barking at him. Every time she would bark, he would come over and give her a little sniff. She'd wig out yet again and he'd watch her for a few seconds and then go back to the garage. This process repeated itself over several times. And just so you know, I didn't just leave my daughter outside with a dog unattended. I was always holding her hand or very nearby just in case she were to poke him in the eye or stick her whole arm in his mouth or put her little finger up his nose - you know, how she treats her parents.

On the 4th we attended my parents' church picnic. Every year they have races for the kids. Reagan ran in her age bracket. She was the only one in her age bracket. She won. She was thrilled. Honestly, she didn't care two hoots about the race. Someone set down this big dufflebag full of softballs near the finish line. Girl ran straight past her Daddy and to the bag of softballs. We left before the softball game commenced knowing what kind of chaos could ensue were we to allow her anywhere near the softball field.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. And eating. And playing games. And laughing. And eating. And watching movies. Well, that's all true except for a few of us who were outside organizing the shop. You just read that and assumed I was one of those few, didn't you? Well, you'll be shocked - SHOCKED - to hear that I wasn't! No indeed. In fact, it wasn't even my idea. You know what the only thing worse than an Obsessive Compulsive person is? Two Obsessive Compulsive persons. You know what the only thing worse than two Obsessive Compulsive persons is? Um, when two Obsessive Compulsive persons actually get married. Yes, Hubby is OCD - though not to the same degree as his wife and in strange other ways than his better half. Secretly, he loves my neurotic organization. At any rate, you haven't seen my Dad's shop so you can't really understand what I mean when I say they took on a lofty project. And they made a HUGE improvement!!! Wow. I'm impressed. Really. It gives me peace. For my organizational part, I tackled my Mom's tuperware cabinet. That was unbelievably satisfying for me.

So we're back home now. Unpacked, though not laundered. We got back just in time for me to lead praise team last night at church. It all went really well and I would love to breathe a big sigh of relief. But that isn't going to happen anytime real soon. We are so enjoying our summer...but we'll need a winter to catch our breath.

Speaking of breath - I'm all better now from that nasty asthma whatever thing I had last week.

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