Monday, April 14, 2008

No better way to begin a week

Saturday was a bit on the dull side. My mood matched the weather - which was kinda gloomy, dark, drippy, boring, cold, etc. I am done with waking up to snow covering my yard, and I'm pretty sure Hubby is done waking up to my cranky self. Reagan is officially in her terrible twos. As so many have told me recently, that state of being comes well before 2 in most cases. No less true in our situation. She is NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY. All the time. If she isn't standing up in a chair she's throwing something agianst the wall or attempting to break yet another kitchen drawer. And you would like to think she does all of this completely oblivious to the fact that we DON'T WANT HER TO - because she's innocently curious about what the couch tastes like, etc. And I'm sure she is curious about what the couch tastes like. Which motivates her almost as much as seeing us run across the room to stop her. Her favorite defiant behavior is climbing into our living room chair, standing up, bumping her butt against the back, and laughing at us. It doesn't seem to do much good to scold her or punish her. Spanking or timeouts have little to no effect on our child. She will immediately return to the scene of the crime and do it all over again. So by the end of Saturday, I was totally and completely ready to call her Grandma and beg her to take her away for a while. Ugh. And then 6:00 p.m. rolled around and Hubby and I breathed a sign of relief because the day was almost over for her and we could tuck her naughty butt into bed. Which is precisely when she decided to turn on the cute. Its really a shame I don't have access to that switch, but when she flipped it - look out world. She 'raced' her Daddy in the basement and dissolved into a fit of giggles every 30 seconds or so. I'd never really heard her laugh like that before. Its horribly contagious because my sides ached just from laughing at her laughing. It was the only really salvageable part of the day and we were happy we had some happy.

Sunday night I was on praise team and we lead another prayer service. Our prayer services lately have been absolutely awesome. There is just no other way to describe them than to use the word my Hubby has said I overuse. Awesome. I truly believe God has been planning these services - through our planners of course. But He's the one sending just the right song, sending just the right words, arranging just the right musicians, selecting the appropriate 'sound' for each song. We merely show up and participate in a conversation with Him. If it sounds too incredible to be true, well, it is. I can't tell you how many times I had goosebumps because it kinda became a state of being for me last night. We had a prayer as a praise team immediately following the service - something I had not done before - but instead of patting each other on the back for the great service, we stopped, joined hands, and thanked and praised our God for meeting with us and for loving us. I take no "credit" for anything that happened. I am just so completely amazed at the power of that night - a power completely beyond anything any of us could have mustered on our own. Its nights like last night that reaffirm to me why I lead worship at Faith. Its definitely my passion to usher people into a moment with God. I love seeing His face on the faces of the people sitting in front of me. I love seeing Him alive and moving through the congregation. I love hearing their voices - some strong and some weak with emotion. I love watching their hands raise high above their heads, as though they can reach out and touch their Lord and Savior. I love hearing their whispered prayers.

Because all of Him is MORE than enough, for all of me, for every thirst, and every need. He satisfies me with His love. And all I have in Him, is more, so much more, than enough.

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