Friday, April 11, 2008

100 Things Worth Doing (26-50)

26. Poking my sister with a stick of licorice on our trip to Michigan
27. Phone call from Tom to tell me that he was crowned homecoming king
28. Visiting my Grandma right before she died and right after I broke off my first engagement
29. Chasing and catching lightning bugs in our yard on the fourth of July
30. Running with a sparkler to see how far I could go before it ran out
31. Block party my sophomore year
32. Watching Jill shriek because she thought someone was standing behind her...but no one was
33. Building a loft with Manda middle of my freshman year
34. Balderdash with my family
35. Freshly painted toenails
36. Opening the door to my very first, very own apartment the night before I moved in
37. Trying to sleep the night before my wedding
38. Holding Reagan against my chest for hours Thanksgiving Day 2006
39. Seeing the puppies spill out of the barn door
40. Putting on my wedding dress and knowing it was the right one
41. My Dad buying my first car
42. Brian hitting a grand slam in a softball game one night when his parents were visiting
43. Reagan’s face in the morning and hearing her say “Mumumumum” as she smiles at me
44. A solo at Faith for the first time
45. Brian’s face as we heard Reagan’s heartbeat for the first time
46. Tom and I seeing how many times we could throw a frisbee without dropping it
47. Red Rover in college
48. Letter in the mail at college from my Grandma
49. Brian and I riding the four wheeler at the farm
50. Bombardment in high school for spirit days


Dale Deur said...

...I remember #44...

Tom said...

I think it was sparkler rather than sprinkler, but good list.

Miz Jean said...

You are so right, Tom! I fixed it. Thanks.