Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Lest you worry, Reagan is doing much better today. A good night of sleep was had by all - each of us precisely located in our own assigned sleeping spots. Reagan appeared to be doing much better and the mere fact that she made it the whole night in her crib without being attended to even one time pretty much signed her up to leave the house today. Still, she was kinda whiny and as I sat there, uncertain whether or not she would make it the whole day, it occurred to me I might as well ask her. So I did.

Reagan, would you like to go to daycare today to play with the kids? And again, as with all questions directed to poor little PetePete, I wasn't asking her permission or really attempting to ascertain her position on my proposition. No. I was alerting her to the fact that she was indeed going to go play with the kids, like it or not. But asking her sounds much nicer, doesn't it? At any rate, the idea must have appealed to her because she ran and fetched her shoes and brought them to me. And when I wasn't moving fast enough she even brought me my coat. This may be a good time to tell you that I would make an excellent dog trainer.

As we backed out of the garage this morning, I turned to look behind me and caught Reagan beaming back at me. "Really, Momma? We get to go somewhere? We get to leave the house? Are we, do I dare ask, perhaps going to see the kids?", she said. Well, her eyes said it anyway. Being stuck inside for the past 4 days had evidently worn off its charm. Girl was ready to GO. A. WAY. So excited was she to be leaving our house that she immediately filled her pants, the permeating and lingering aroma of which now necessitates some serious Febreeze action on the car interior. But armed with loads of fever-reducing medications, she happily rejoined her other snotty-nosed drooling friends. I happily left her stinky hiney with the babysitter, got into the car, and rolled down the windows as I drove to work.

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